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How to do push-ups?

Frog Prince Variable 08122010-04-13 05:10:47 +0000 #1
I am 18 years old, 175,55 kg, a little underweight and want to exercise without much method, expert Please Return Weapon! Such as how best to do push-ups. There are other muscle training methods ... ...
nktoger2010-04-13 05:26:38 +0000 #2
hand exercise is one effective way to push-ups, according to my experience, just started doing push-ups would be difficult, it is recommended if there is no point can be the basis of first Take dumbbell exercises for lying to promote, or to the knee axis to do push-ups, wait until after the power is gradually increased according to the standard action to do push-ups. In fact do push-ups, to note the relative body Weizhi hands, elbows bent angle, feet separated or combined, or only one foot, and fast to do push-ups and slow it did not do the same.

Simply put, hands shoulder width or slightly wider, feet combined, crank arm, until your elbows at right down to the basic regarded as a standard action, and then pushed from the body to the arms straight.

When the hands widening gap is slightly different parts of exercise, both hands are combined action more difficult.

When the two hands in front of the head and even shoulders, and hands on the abdomen, or arms clamping the body, so that some action will have different roles and effects, I hope you can continue to enhance muscle strength with that.

Of course, there are many other ways to hand training. Can squat, you can sit-ups, sit-ups but do not recommend too strongly on the lumbar spine has some damage. Pull-up is also a good way, your child higher, weight light, can be considered Yinti up to hone, but, all the exercise and diet relationship you Hen thin, then the Yin Shi is the key, Xi Wang diet and exercise, you can get stronger physique. Thank you
dear China 5202010-04-13 05:34:20 +0000 #3
18 176 only 175 are up in the morning I do 15 sit-ups 100
pattyljp2010-04-13 06:26:12 +0000 #4
latissimus dorsi and triceps push-ups is the practice, if the conditional or Pull-up abdominal muscles better

: 2 from

breast: supine birds is the most effective, followed by bench press biceps

latissimus dorsi flexion and extension arm: chin-up



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