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Group fitness instructor training course

Next day: Bao:2010-04-13 05:11:17 +0000 #1
says fitness instructor personal trainer and group lessons are divided into coaching, I think I would like to participate in a group lesson coach training is aerobics class. So I ask the house a better arrangement.

Spring of the intention to find a place to learn.
Dance Meng true2010-04-13 05:27:45 +0000 #2
excerpt from the online habits of the Beijing Dance fitness coach training schools school characteristics:

1, the certificate of international certification: Our school received in July 2009, "Beijing education and training sector 10 major credit brand name "National General Certificate. We will be training in 2010 and presented the world's largest fitness organizations, the United States Association of Fitness AFAA continuing education credits certified, U.S. Fitness Association was founded in Los Angeles in 1983, is the world's largest fitness education certification. Have been trained in the world more than 250,000 fitness instructors. They now have 79 countries around the world to carry out training and teaching, Chung International Certificate issued common and recognized around the world.

2, a strong faculty team: the U.S. fitness trainers, instructors teaching classes on site, more than a dozen well-known coach composed of the most high-end domestic and international fitness team will bring the most advanced fitness program gives you. Totally let you step from the starting point on the GAO Ren.

3, advanced teaching philosophy: students can learn not only to the most popular style of teaching portfolio, will also focus on learning the most popular international arrangements and teaching methods, so you career in the fitness coach to go better, longer-term. And we work together to promote education in the Chinese elite who Fitness.

4, the curriculum precision: All courses are long-lasting fitness market, the main course, any fitness program is a hot country, in addition to spinning courses, each of the courses are learning more than three weeks, training to ensure the most reasonable duration to allow you to learn and gain some enlightenment school, excel in skills.

For more details you can refer to their website, or consult their staff.
Prime Sports2010-04-13 05:26:02 +0000 #3
Fitness Coach Category

First of all, should be clear that the classification of occupational fitness coach, then according to their physical conditions and interest the most suited to his tastes and choices of learning projects

fitness instructor divided into two categories: (1) gymnastics coach class; (2) personal trainer.

(1) gymnastics class coach. Gymnastics coach class, also known as drills coaching, mainly working in the gym with members of various types of aerobics. The classification of many group calisthenics, such as yoga, Latin, pedal exercise, aerobics, spinning project areas belong to group calisthenics.

Personal trainer and gymnastics coach class institutions through specialized study and training, to master professional skills and theoretical knowledge and practical opportunity to get some practice. Finally, the need to obtain the relevant qualification certificate of fitness coaches project. Certificate is good good stepping stone! But the key is to look at the holder's own ability to master it!

(2) personal trainer. Personal trainer, also known as private education, private education is the demand for membership, one to one training by equipment and nutrition supplement to achieve the needs of members. A member in order to achieve some kind of general fitness purposes, to provide them with professional fitness plans and programs.

Dance fashion fitness instructor training school is professional training institutions group lesson coach.
Zhengpinhan2010-04-13 05:26:12 +0000 #4
devaluation Allen Beijing Institute of International Fitness venues are the best teachers are not too many students free accommodation Looking Back



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