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15-year-old tied sandbags running bad practice

g0887942010-04-13 05:11:40 +0000 #1
I read three days of this year, there are about 2 months to participate in sports should test I ran 200 meters in about 32 seconds but I have to reach 29 seconds to tie sandbags should I practice running? When a day with or heard of a minor with sandbags tied to what will Changbu Gao is true? But some people say that proper enough? I should listen to that too? Still give me points in 2 months to improve run way? I am not afraid of hard work

please a bit more though I did not answer how many points Thank you
deep blue of the Hui2010-04-13 05:24:08 +0000 #2
can do with sand bags, as long as 300 meters you full throttle every day, ALWAYS RUN, not walk, not run as full Jogging is all right (not too slow), about 3 times a day, physical education on the finish 1 for 10 minutes after the break to run 3 times on almost the same. Morning and one or two eggs. Every day to practice at home after home run spot kick, 30 seconds or 1 minute for the first time, 5 to 10 times on the almost, to pay attention to arm exercise in the evening to do 30 sit-in since sit on OK, and I was so three days of practice, and the final 27 seconds in the test result is 4, the original is about 30 seconds.
【Peng Peng】2010-04-13 05:24:07 +0000 #3
middle school sports examination before the exam

good or bad does not matter all that the sport's 60 points are very important to the future

took the two to know some high school admissions as long as the bare min to schools generally are not good schools Sports Score

There are many self-enrollment at the school entrance examination

I adopted this proposal carefully

because you do not know how your side is kind of

passing on the line in the main subject of the effort to force the perfect



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