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How to become more white towels

Another cry Love2010-04-13 05:11:46 +0000 #1

14034580252010-04-13 05:13:56 +0000 #2
first to find out why yellow towel.

A towel, not the net will also cause dehydration and yellow towel

dehydration is not a net problem: If the towel in the washing of dehydration is not the net, will form a basic chemical residues remain within the fiber in the towel, hair towel caused hard to fastness towels down.

2 alkaline chemicals in the washing process on the cotton fiber is safe, will not damage the towel fibers. However, if dehydration is not the net, so that the residual alkaline detergent fiber remain in the towel, the towel after drying towel will send a hard, soft, decreased.

3, the residual chlorine bleaching, chlorine bleaching agents are in a strong detergent-based products as a bleaching agent, on cotton in the cotton fiber is some damage. Washing in running must be the rational use and control. If the temperature of washing time, concentration in the well, is relatively safe, the contrary, temperature, concentration, volume control is not good, coupled with dehydration is not a net, creating a residue in the cotton fiber, the residual material on the cotton fiber is damage. Leading to the towel fabric yellow hair hard and so on.

Washing towels and standards can reduce the yellow

raw material to a reasonable use of appropriate operating procedures according to the operation to do: wash towels last process is the use of acid agents and, if the acid and do not cause fabric yellowing appropriate , gray. In the washing process because of high water hardness, poor water quality and other reasons, easy to make towels gray, yellow. These phenomena often occur with acid agents in the towel and restore whiteness. It should be noted in the use of cotton fibers are not afraid of fear of acid base, if often come with acid wash, towel life can significantly decrease the amount should be put in control. Cotton fabric into 5.5-6.5 pH value adjusting agent the pH of our skin values.

Cleaning Method:

30-60 minutes, the vacuole can wash 84, or with the consumption of alkali in the pot, towel and cook for 30 minutes to 5 minutes after the boiling washed with hot water, on white, but also the effect of disinfection.

2 with rice washing water with tangerine peel, boiled into the yellow towel to gently rub to go yellow.
Dear every evening,2010-04-13 05:40:43 +0000 #3
Taomi Shui soak for 15 minutes with normal cleaning.



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