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L5428422972010-04-13 14:10:20 +0000 #1
17 this year, would like to learn the basic movements of Parkour Parkour practice before the

what is to be met?

How to practice?
a great licentiousness2010-04-13 14:23:28 +0000 #2
Physical / Power:

600 m +200 m dash jogging (1 kg heavy legs to tie the sandbag, if you think you can easily tie 2 kg) 1-2 times per day

Each week, a big run: 3000 m

push-ups: 20 / 3 group 2 times a day

sit-ups: 50 / 4, Section 2 times a day

chin-up: 8 / 3 groups per day 2

inverted (wall): 30 minutes 1-2 times per day

balance / coordination:

go with the tube in a 20-30 minute walk back and forth and try to keep a cat not to fall

climb, crawl like a cat is the school you should be very familiar. Can choose the tube, but I'd recommend the kind of narrow wall in practice.

Jump simple gymnastics, you can go to ask the physical education teacher or a friend with experience in this area

skipping 500 times once a day (this bit close to the physical aspects of the Oh)

is leg pressing: 1 day 30 minutes -2 times

splits (if possible): 20 minutes 1 time per day

arch (if possible): 10 minutes / 2 Group 1

a day plus a special attention to (if possible) that the project not suitable for all people to practice, of course, if you pull the ligament can be practiced, ligament was not completely new to not blindly try to pull, in particular, is an unprecedented experience in any sports or exercise is the first leg pressing slowly first.


the United States can not jump training program this thing and no less, the time based on your training to determine the strength of every 2 days One time (this exercise can be completed 15 weeks of no longer practiced)

Kuaisu Ti leg: that legs as fast as the squat and then brought down to 30 / 2 Group 1 time per day

Standing Long Jump: 20 minutes to find the limit for their distance to jump, but also not too far behind to take into account the physical

Leapfrog: 50 m jump back and forth to find the stairs you can find the most suited to their short jump is basically a place

these, I do not advocate the case of basic skills without fully mastering the practice Parkour moves blindly, this is very dangerous. The training duration is 2 months after this you can officially start their career Parkour body, and you together!
Dingjia son2010-04-13 14:58:47 +0000 #3
extreme sport Parkour is the body's balance on the high requirements I think you should do balance exercises



3 training exercises how flexible the body arm leg strength

best to have a plan



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