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What are the benefits of winter swimming on the body?

Wind residual Gaoyang2010-04-14 08:11:54 +0000 #1

Aristotle 01502010-04-14 08:23:29 +0000 #2
Winter Swimming The greatest benefit is to enhance cardiovascular function. Stimulated by the cold water body, the body's blood circulation and metabolism greatly strengthened; human skin by the cold stimulation, a sharp contraction of the skin blood vessels, a large number of internal organs and blood are inhaled deep tissue, so that expansion of visceral blood vessels in vital organs; the body to anti-cold, the skin blood vessels expand quickly, so a lot of blood flow to the body surface and from internal organs. Such a contraction has features in one, so that blood vessels have been training, enhanced the flexibility of blood vessels. Therefore, winter swimming is conducive to prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease, while adhering to winter swimming year round for the people suffering from arteriosclerosis, hypertension is extremely rare category of people.

Cold water stimulation of human peripheral vascular closure, more important organs to ensure as heart, brain, liver, spleen increased blood supply, so that more oxygen was promptly transported to the brain cells, help to eliminate nerve the fatigue system, which helps explain why winter swimming enthusiasts are mostly mental.

Human Exposure to cold water will rapidly breathing, apnea, after a moment to deep breath, then resume breathing evenly and deep, powerful, this breathing can greatly enhance the flexibility of lung tissue, they absorb more oxygen, exhale more and more carbon dioxide, respiratory function has been enhanced.

Usually in the swimming people feel hungry after this sense is more prominent in the winter swimming enthusiasts. Cold water can improve the human digestive system function, as breathing deeply and diaphragm sizes are large, thus speeding up the abdominal cavity of blood circulation, strengthen the stomach and intestines, and massage play the role of adjacent organs.

Those who adhere to the skin red winter swimming, shiny and elastic. The reason is that cold stimulation, a strong contraction of the skin blood vessels, subcutaneous fat thickness, blood circulation and strong, nutritionally adequate.

Girls love to swim a lot, but not much loved winter swimming. I love winter swimming, but also felt the great fun, but the biting cold acupuncture muscle exercise together, It takes courage and perseverance.

I have participated in winter swimming purposes, is quite simple. Student time, my body's resistance to poor health for my family, a headache, they encouraged me to participate in winter swimming. Winter swimming is the first autumn, the beginning of autumn temperatures decreased gradually after, I insist that the six month tour, from the mental and physical exercise for the winter swimming foundation. Practice step by step later, soon joined the ranks of winter swimming, fitness experience to feel relaxed.

Winter Swimming must have the spirit to endure hardship and perseverance, perseverance is important. As long as a retreat a little perseverance, it will collapse, if there are 23 weeks did not adhere to swim, and then water, then be difficult to adapt to psychological and physical, and the difficulties are even greater. To overcome the difficulties, I companionship with the tour, so you can encourage each other, help each other survive the first winter swimming off.

Participate in winter swimming, my body up gradually strong, but also in mental strength to maintain high energy. Moreover, over 30 years, I still maintained a good figure. I recall giving birth to son, that relaxation, hypertrophy of the lower abdomen so I am very troubled. Double full moon over, I returned to the pool. One into the pool, I felt the blood flow to speed up the body, a strange feeling comfortable arises spontaneously, as if their own has become a happy fish. After a winter of training, the fat on my belly was gone, she is also back as ever, confident smile to my face again now.

Tense and busy work, have enabled people to his declining health. Out of two to three hours per week to invest in health, you will be unexpected gains.
Wu900w2010-04-14 08:24:03 +0000 #3
cardio, hormones.
Swimming marathon2010-04-14 08:57:54 +0000 #4
weight loss, fitness, lowering blood pressure, long-standing winter swimming and the general body are especially good, very few viral infection.
Archerchao2010-04-14 09:14:33 +0000 #5
lower blood pressure, regulate heart and lung function, if it is male, then, if you want a father, winter swimming can improve sperm quality and good health were active and healthy baby.
4016300582010-04-14 08:28:06 +0000 #6
no benefits, but also out of the cold



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