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Ji Qiu a paper on youth physical activity!

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Review of the young people on the status of physical exercise (more realistic like, the best there is data), together with solutions to the problem. Number of words required to write a good 1000-2500 additional points can be
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provide a copy to you, let others copy, so provide a direct look at your address, it is estimated to meet you http://

tell you good news, get down to 1 Foreword 70 years since the North American youth sports in the community's concern about the rapid development of the next. According to statistics, to 1987 in North America to have 25 large organizations with thousands of local sports organizations, youth sports organization dedicated to the launch. In the United States and Canada have more than 3500 million and 250 million young people in sports. North America more than 3,000 Christian young people make more than 200 million young people have the opportunity to participate in organized sports. Youth Olympic Sports Programme set up 21 different sports, organized in 2000 a number of regional and national competitions in each of the planned launch of the campaign, support and absorb the low age of young people participate in sports. Sport has become the young people in North America one of the main elements of life, it is effective in promoting the healthy development of adolescents. Research and analysis features of the North American youth sports development, no doubt sports development for our young people to provide the necessary information and reference.

2 North American Youth Sports Development

2.1 and parents attach great importance to and actively support young people to participate in sports 50 years, deeply popular in North America watching the rapid development of sports such as baseball league, college football, Professional ice hockey, boxing other items of sports, people organized sport craze these gradual positive impact on the final launching of youth sports. According to Bo Ruiman analysis, the promotion of youth sports is one of the main factors Americans are beginning to provide a variety of sports to children the importance of the opportunity, children time to train future adult attitudes and habits of the most well- appropriate time. Experts urge young people in North America use sports to develop good personal - social skills. When the school has not actively supported youth sports, the obligations of organizations and educational institutions outside the network organizations of all children will take on youth sports organizations and carry out the task with the competition.

Youth sports growing popularity in North America, has made people realize the movement of emotional expression, and teammates, opponents of interpersonal exchanges and coaches, administrators, parents concerned about the value and support. Therefore, to make youth sports is seen as a kind of external environment to young people, the environment is conducive to improving young people's attitude towards things, enhance competition, sports ethics, discipline, officials and human relations emphasis. It was also felt by young people to sign a stability and order, traditional customs, public interest in the sport, training personnel to meet the needs of the community. To this end, a large number of community financial and human resources have been invested in youth sports, such as local business funding sports teams, volunteer coaches, sports commentators, scorer, and encourage other parents to visit the site. In addition, the North American taxpayer funds are used to build playground, the purchase of sports equipment, apparatus, so that young people into the town sports an important community activities.

North America, the rapid development of youth sports with the attention and active support of the parents are closely related. • Lunn • Greaves and Keith enjoy all of the Salt Lake City, Utah, and New Mexico, Albuquerque Youth Rugby Union survey of 365 parents found that: "These two communities are the parents like to watch the game in this age level . " In Michigan, parents and youth sports programs are also used as part of their children in their own organizations received institutional support of the Youth Sports Alliance Program bibliography of parents, 98% of the people that they agree with the formulation of these training program. , In a youth sports parents views on the impact of family life survey, Gail • Bo Laiji reports: "Parents agreed that the young children in the family life of sports on the important positive role through sports help parents of children in social education, education children about discipline and team cooperation and the importance. "
North American youth sports parents actively support mainly in two aspects: First, parents who actively participation in sports, to children's behavior directly impacts; Second, through their participation in sports for children expressed great interest in the children went to the site to give the necessary encouragement, to promote child participation. 1 pair of U.S. households made a national survey found that 40% of the parents with their children often participate in sports, and 35% of parents said they sometimes do. In fact, there are a number of surveys have proved that parents are their children the most important organizations to participate in sports. 2.2 North American young people to participate in sports motivation, form and social effects

North American young people participating in sports, a study showed great interest in youth sports experience. When asked what experiences they are most interested in sports, they always cite as an organized sports team members, meet with others and making friends, and have the opportunity to improve the technical level of happiness through sports. Youth sports in the Michigan study, the research staff of more than 10 young sports participants had participated in sports activity (see table below), results showed that the "happy", "to improve athletic technology" "good health" is their most important reason for engaging in sports.

Table North America, the reasons for young people to participate in sport (%)

reason that the movement of men and women a happy 9394 to upgrade the sports technology 80 81 56 56 I wish good health and friends took part in the movement want to make new friends 55 50 33 44 my parents want I took part in 33 30

North American Youth Sports to carry out projects more, but there are two basic forms of exercise, from the same object in the form of voluntary organizations and organized by the adult form. Self-organized youth sports participation in sports by those who control their activities under the informal rule-making by mutual agreement of the group with the rules of the game, the sports teams are usually quick to pick up, and children are often the process to meet the competition circumstances change the rules. Kerkorian survey found that children are more concerned about the activities of the start and maintain a personal involvement, the score close to the competition and the strengthening of friendship. Organized young people's sport Zhu Yao under the control of an adult, training and competition is organized by the League Coaches and You, and is in the Shi Jian Yangeguiding was conducted over the Huodong tends to be, technology Yaoqiu strict. Throughout the campaign emphasized order, punctuality, respect for teachers, subject to guidance. Two Form and function are quite different, but advocates of the North American youth sports culture that the sport needs a social good personal qualities, such as self-discipline, solidarity and cooperation, achievement motivation, and so brave and indomitable. It also promotes young people's health and quality of the higher level, so that their future adult life reality ready.

2.3 for the media to give wide publicity to promote sports and sports development for young people in North America

all media publicity in its own unique way of sports, to promote the youth sports development. Various newspapers in North America professional, college and youth sports information in a timely manner, often, so people had a great interest in the sport. Magazines and books on the great achievements of sports stars get the description, so that generations of young people in North America to top athletes as hero worship. Radio and television on the family and broadcast live sports events, attracting the majority of sports fans directly to the concerns. In contrast, the impact of television on young people's sport is most profound, its popularity among young people to promote the role of various sports in the dominant media. TV sports programs play greatly improved the number of spectator sports projects to promote the launching of these projects. For example, football, baseball, its a series of decisive situation, the dramatic development of progressive tennis, basketball, fast action, boxing in the designated space in the fierce attack have become popular in North America Liebo popular TV shows. Needless to say, the media publicity on the sports and encourage them to attract the young people actively involved in the role of sport is obvious. 2.4 Course creation of amateur coaches, youth sports research center established to ensure the smooth progress of youth sport

It is estimated that North America has more than 600 million volunteer youth sports coaches, most of them without formal teaching education and training for volunteer coaches to help with expertise, a number of coaches for all youth sports organizations opened obligation Course. In Canada, the national coaches certification program has been carried out nationwide. In the United States, Reyna • Martins has opened a U.S. training program effective training, which is a complete educational television programs, has many young people around the nation's use of sport teaching. In addition, the University of Washington's Ronald Smith and Frank • Small • establishment and development of the coaching behavior assessment system, they established a good coach behavioral indicators. To verify the effect of the index, they observed a group of coaches in guiding the youth training, and then use these indicators on the 50% being observed instructors to the test results show that trained coaches are definitely more competitive players . Meanwhile, the athletes within the team demonstrated a high level of mutual attraction, and training than before, the athletes significantly increased self-esteem.

In the training of coaches, while North America has also established a number of youth sports research center study. For example, based in Michigan State University Youth Sports Research Institute, located in the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign campus of a youth sports office, North Carolina Institute of youth sports. National Youth Sports Association, established in the North University of Kentucky Research and Development Center, these measures, a fundamental guarantee for the smooth development of the North American youth sports. 3 North American youth sports development Enlightenment

3.1 Family and social recognition and a wide range of adolescent sports participation is an important prerequisite for

to promote youth sports in North America one of the factors is the rapid development of the family and the community have been fully aware of the importance of carrying out youth sports, sports is not only conducive to the healthy physical development of young people, but also help young people develop self-discipline, solidarity and cooperation, achievement motivation and the courage and indomitable sense of good quality, so as to train future society talents. North American sport for young people to deepen understanding of the universal, so that the conduct of young people access to a wide range of sport's social support, family and society of great public concern and active participation of young people which greatly promoted the sport of Xunsufazhan . Sociological research reveals that the family and society, in particular among young people in the life of the family is first and foremost a social environment, family structure, culture cultivation, in the form, pairs of young people Zhijie a profound impact. Therefore, the family and society posed by the family's attention and participation of youth sports is directly related to the young people to participate in sports attitude and behavior. We should focus on raising awareness of the importance of carrying out awareness of youth sports, to fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the family and society, so that the socialization of youth sports to become a community of young people to achieve an important way.

3.2 to establish organizations, develop programs for our young people the fundamental guarantee for the healthy development of sport

for the launch of the whole society to do youth sports, to become a social act, in North America established a number of local sports organizations. These organizations carry out the plan of young people as much, loved the sport to attract the young people to participate; the other hand, they also set up under the Olympic sporting events planned manner and content of young Olympic sport. Organizational form and content to ensure youth sports programs in the basis of universal, and healthy development and improvement of the youth sports development in China is very enlightening.

3.3 regular, sustained and conscious participation in the sport is conducive to the development of adolescent physical and mental health.

3.4 open amateur lesson Training Course, the establishment of youth sports research centers, youth sports is an important measure depth.

3.5 to make use of extensive media publicity on the sport to inspire the young people on the enthusiasm and interest in sports, encourage them to participate actively in sports.



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