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How jumping and speed training

McGrady_day2010-04-14 13:10:32 +0000 #1
15 years old. Height 175. This time will not affect the development of exercise, not exercise, then how bounce and speed. Home, no equipment, system point. How are the abdominal muscles exercise
hhxkss2010-04-14 13:26:12 +0000 #2
birth is important, the United States the most famous vertical jump training program, Nerishige is expected to increase vertical jump ability from 20 to 30 cm or more, training process is hard, the whole process to 15 weeks.

For each action item, if a motion should be three groups, rest between the groups can not exceed 2 minutes, if completed, be made directly to the next project, remember to take a break! !

First: squat jumps to 1, the beginning, squat to? Position, hands placed on the front,

2, up jumped off the ground at least 20 to 25cm. (If you feel easy, you can jump to 25-30cm). When in the air, your hands need to be placed behind. The ground, the completion time.

Next, simply repeat the above steps! ! !

Rapid increase in Spring Training Course 2

second: lift toes (toes)

1. First, find a cascade or a book to pad feet, then only the toes on top, not the heel or in Dianzhe

2. Carried to the highest point of toe 3. Then gradually go, and complete a. . Feet completed, the completion of a group.

Rapid increase in Spring Training Tutorial 3

Third: the steps to 1. To find a chair, placed one foot is entered, a 90 degree

2. Make every effort to jump open for feet in the air, in a chair, 3. repeat 2, the original take-off foot back chair, complete another jump.

Rapid increase in Spring Training Tutorial 4 Fourth: jump to 1. Legs straight, and shoulder width, "lock" your knees ...

2. Just use your leg jump, only can bend your feet Guo, bend the knee as much as possible ... 3. to the ground when, then quickly take off, complete a ...

This is a very difficult, you can help your hands off ...

fast Spring Training Course to improve 5 to the fifth: toe jump to 1. the toes lifted to the highest point, to 2. tiptoe rapid take-off, the dancers must not exceed 1.5 or 2.5cm

Leapfrog practice is necessary, for the Spring be helpful to increase, as it is a way of training forces. In addition, there are other ways.

The first method is the most effective, and also the most difficult, and can improve in a short time you bounce. Specifically: Wage Keng, about one meter deep. Your legs tied up five pounds of sand bags, jumped into the pit. Try to load from the pit, leaping out of the case. After half a month, will pit deepening of 20 cm, while the increase of 2-3 kg load, continued to practice. This cycle can not be the last to load, or leaping from the pit when the practice must stop. Lifting load, and then try to jump how high.

The second method, the effect is not very obvious, but easy to implement. Specific methods: ankle, tied a rubber band, standing vertical jump. Daily exercise and a half hours. But I feel that this approach ineffective.

I wish you good luck in the future sports star!

To develop explosive power, to increase muscle contraction strength and working distance, reducing work time, strength training, it should take a small load of machinery for rapid movement, without reducing its speed, and gradually increase the load increases muscle contraction force . Just said to use "bear cast" technology moves fall opponents, mainly by increasing muscle contraction force explosive. Increase the power of technology to enhance the ability to control, so in normal training, not only the technical efforts, but also particularly in such explosive growth, efforts to improve the speed of muscle contraction. Practice shows that high-intensity explosive was the essential element to improve performance. How to improve it so explosive? (A) load and speed change. (B) to strengthen professional and technical training to improve muscle control and movement to relax before the ability to send forces. (C) the initial muscle length, only the lengthening of the muscle contraction speed and force only. (D) after the forces to practice relaxation exercises.

In the explosive power of the factors, forces play a leading role, it helps increase the power of explosive development. But by no means explosive power. That is a real war can not have the power of technology to good use. The explosive force of a judo athlete must pass the basic strength and speed, technology, combining the sensitivity of coordination in order to play. Some people can lift very heavy barbell, but a wrestling on to die, specifically the lack of specific strength. Judo players fight, they need power, but also the speed, but also endurance, strength of some of our athletes do not feel bad, the key is the specific capacity and fast power difference. Attention should be paid in future training efforts in a move to increase special forces on the basis of specific strength.

Development efforts should pay attention to the problem:

(a) loads. Facts show that only under a certain weight Tiaojian strength training, can make the power is increased and the use of strength training with different loads, the effect of different, so in training vary, reasonable arrangements for load.

(B) the excess recovery. The energy consumption of a large number of campaign materials, campaign stop, catabolism of secondary importance, energy and material synthesis began to recover more than the original material and energy content of the body.

(C) training interval. Practice has shown that strength training in order to repeat the best, because the strength of growing faster, and stop training faded fast.

(D) age and gender. Strength training the same person, at different ages react differently, men and women the size of the power values are also very different.

Both men and women, strength training as long as they insisted on the maintenance and development of power quality with good results.
No actually never2010-04-14 13:24:14 +0000 #3
no. Shi Jin running or jumping



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