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Dong Xiaolong2010-04-14 15:10:02 +0000 #1
my 173/51 for a specific fertility muscle fitness program, do I have protein powder supplement the site need to have chest, arm (brachial b, brachial c), abdomen, legs. . . First like to thank, and you can append Score
FUNK state2010-04-14 15:24:56 +0000 #2
see your situation to your projects.

Basic Health Plan

now to plan your day off training four days, and I like training content, but not the same as the specific procedures.

I am training courses listed first:

the first day: chest, biceps, the next day: back, triceps, on the third day: shoulder, forearm muscles, the abdomen, the fourth day: thigh, calf, the first 5 days: rest to aerobic training a week to arrange a second, a time for 30 minutes.

First day: chest and biceps

1, the chest:

1, the five-minute warm-up exercise rope skipping (if, if you're not fat, but lean body, then aerobic exercise should not be too much, just a cycle need to have two days of aerobic exercise can)

(if it is cold and the weather warm-up exercise pay it no harm, but time not too long)

2, the Reclining push

A, 40 公斤 12

B, 50 公斤10

C, 60 kg 8 posts (if below this amount, according to the weight of 50 kg to do 8-10 months)

D, 65 kg 8 posts (or 60 kg 8-10 months)

E, 40 公斤 15 one (if you fail to fulfill this number, you must complete 10)

If you are in the C group and D group have been able to fulfill your weight and number, you can reduce your weight, but can not reduce the number and must be your own or someone to help you to complete 8-10 months)

3, flat bench press

A, 50 公斤 10

B, 50 kg 8 pieces (If you fail to fulfill this weight, according to the weight of 40 kg do 10 a)

C, 40 公斤 12 (if you are able to fulfill this weight, according to the weight of 30 kg do 12)

D, 40 kg 8 posts (if you are able to fulfill this weight, according to the weight of 30 kg do 10 -12 months)

4, supine birds

A, 15 公斤 10

B, 20 公斤 8

C, 20 公斤 8

D, 25 公斤 6-8 (if you fail to fulfill, according to 15 kg the weight to do 10)

5, Cross folder chest

A, B, C, do three sets, the weight can be done for your own weight, the number of 10, if 8, then 10 must be likened to weight to weight)

This action is the development of the lateral chest muscles, you have to stand up straight, chest, waist, you and you pull down the heavy hammer to the level of standing, that is your body and the ground should be 90 degrees. No straight arm, that arm and the angle of the body into 120 degrees. Hands together and abdomen should be in the next, you can lean forward slightly.

In the chest clip recumbency push and cross the two movements, can skew the birds and the width of the parallel bars bent, alternately doing, that can be done in a loop in front of two parts of the action, and in the next cycle can be done in two parts of the back of the action.

However, when doing behind the action, the order shall be as follows:

1, flat bench press

A, 20 公斤 15

B, 40 公斤 10-12

C, 50 公斤 10

D, 60 kg 8 (out You may wish to try the weight of 65 kg, was helping himself to complete the 1-2 can be, but such training should not be too much)

E, 45 公斤 10-12 months (not less than 8)

2, the oblique birds

A, 25 kg 10 posts (If this weight can not be completed, according to the weight of 20 kg)

B, 25 kg 8 pieces (If this weight can not be completed, according to the weight of 20 kg)

C, 20 kg 8 a

D, 15 kg 10 posts (If this weight can not be completed, according to the weight of 10 kg)

3, sit-bird

A, 15 公斤 10

B, 20 公斤 8

C, 15 公斤 8

D, 20 公斤 6-8 (if you fail to fulfill, according to the weight of 15 kg to do 10)

4, the parallel bars bent arm extension (3-4 Unit)


in the chest muscle exercises to do the process, remember both inspiratory breath or chest to be bulging, butt can not leave, the waist should be admitted to not rely on your arm strength on the move, with the power of chest hair force contraction.

Action sequence in your training for some time before any exchange can then also help your muscles grow.

In front of the premise, you can hedge some of the appropriate weight component, also help increase your strength, but it was protected from injury.

1, biceps

1, standing barbell curl:

A, 15 公斤 10-12

B, 25 公斤 8

C, 25 kg 8 posts (if not finish this weight, the press 20 kg)

D, 20 kg 8 posts (or 15 kilograms, so 12)

2, the minister chairs sitting Curl:

A, 10 公斤 8-10

B, 15 公斤 8

C, 15 公斤 8

D, 10 公斤 8

3, ramp seated dumbbell curl: (the entire upper body should lie flat on the inclined plane, alternating one arm to do)

A, 10 kg 8 posts (or 8 kg)

B, 10 8 kg (or 8 kg)

C, 8 kg 8 posts (or 5 kg)

D, 8 kg 8 posts (or 5 kg, 10)

4, brachial muscle (chest, arm dumbbell curl)

A, 5 kg 10 posts (alternating all three groups)

NOTE: do biceps before the body can not fall backwards, arms to full extension, and bending; arms or elbows should be close to your sides; As straight or curved bar with a bar may be based on individual preferences and habits, but you can turn to adapt and use. When the movement can speed up the lift, but be sure to control the muscles down the slow decentralization.

Above the exercise program on the legs can be less (flexibility), but abdominal exercises to strengthen the (practice every day!) To ensure that the overall symmetry of your body strong!
Game Ren room2010-04-14 15:47:32 +0000 #3
Chest: Barbell elected (on the oblique, flat, under the ramp, corresponding to the upper chest, all, under the chest) are three.

Dumbbell elected Ibid, dumbbells are three kinds of birds. Arm flexion and extension. The gantry also chest can be added (and birds empathy) General muscle a part of 3-4 action (above their own choice) and then an action Group 4 (warm up excluded) a group of 8 to 12 times the weight of medium (you can gradually increase).

do first elected class, the birds made after class. formation of a break 1 minute on the line

2: dumbbell lighter moment on the line can choose a group to do more, so that it is exhaustive grouping. What what E type bar and also for two of the long head and short head of training, in short I got to congestion, a little sour on the line. 3: Any chest of both training to stimulate, to grip bench press is the main stimulus from the three narrow head. Action Zone Fitness dumbbell bar, which has video (Fine area)

leg: nothing more than squat, squat, leg bending, leg adduction machine, outreach machine for a class, you see what the gym, on the acquired line the action is 3 to 4. the number of the same group number and training chest.

everyone's plans and methods are different, because people are different, there is no best, only the best for you, so you know what method of training Which, to which the rest of you should feel your best, and then choose the action, see?

As for the portfolio: You can with the chest and 3. Back and two together, but also with .2.3 head harness together, their feelings.

I wish you success

forget that a diet: eat more egg white, beef, chicken, rice . Surface should also eat more. In short these are necessary to increase muscle eat more than usual. Also they like bananas, ah, ah what bread, looking at their own 1 hour after training to eat

about it half an hour before practice to eat a little bit

you can add: All parts are the first major weight training such as bench press

leg is first first squat
o0 Doraemon 0o2010-04-14 15:19:32 +0000 #4
go to the gym thing in a private coach you do what you want to do



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