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Help me to develop a new semester program

yupanhuang2010-04-14 15:10:49 +0000 #1
my junior high school students learn best sports +

I would like to refer to the various aspects of himself developed a fear of inadequate

I hope you help me develop my whole class is now ranked seventh Grade 45 I would like to curricular and extracurricular programs I am 13 years old 174Cm can be the best sports-related extracurricular
szl2036dtlg2010-04-14 15:26:39 +0000 #2
1. 6:10 to get up every day. turn on the radio while listening to English side wash dinner.

2. to use before class time after school to see more of this talk about what things look back to yesterday.

3. full use of every class, listen carefully and do not know to ask, and the exchange students around the learning experience and problem solving methods. 4. noon to have a nap habits, about 20 - 40 minutes. the rest of the language used in poetry and history back. every day at noon back 3 - 5 poem was. classmate, your in perseverance!

5. 10-minute recess at school, the best not to think about going out, to straighten out a good 10 minutes just now being taught to understand how much their own, there are problems solved in time.

6. school is not stay outside, hurry home, 10 minutes after dinner, and then bent to learn.

7. three days of the first few months focusing on physics, mathematics, chemistry, and recite the language.

8. to focus on the arts later , science should also be appropriate to do the classic title.



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