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Yoga prices

Vivianyg2010-04-14 16:11:59 +0000 #1
price of a professional yoga studio is like?
Buddha Blue Yoga2010-04-14 16:15:09 +0000 #2
Price is not the key, the key is you want to understand why yoga? Fashion, body shaping, decompression, therapy, and according to their needs and find appropriate teachers and Hall
communication c001021082010-04-14 16:27:08 +0000 #3
yoga with regular yoga and hot yoga. The price of specific exercises according to your time and a purpose to apply the appropriate card entry. If you practice Bikram Yoga, you must choose a professional hot yoga studio to practice.

1: classroom environment, the difference between hardware facilities: high-temperature yoga equipment with strict standards, because we need high-temperature environment in the 90-minute practice, therefore, the oxygen content in the air and the temperature and humidity can reach Requests for the body's best of the most important indicator, if you failed to achieve this Lianxi venue requirements, please Zanshitingzhi best practice. Women Phoenix Re yoga center teaching equipment were treated by a professional heating equipment and the new international Feng system and the import of negative oxygen ion atomizer important of these professional services. to protect the classroom of fresh air, so that practitioners feel very comfortable.

II: Teaching Method of style differences: There is now more than 90% of yoga Museum programs are high, but their teaching method is the traditional way of yoga classes on the high temperature environment to teach students, authentic hot yoga teaching methods it is saying is completely different, of course, a small part of the yoga studio individual bits in accordance with 26 professors, but professors have not you? is teaching the correct way to teach it? 它们 of hours and some even only 60 minutes to end. an authentic hot yoga classes must be within 90 minutes , including 26 stretch, such as lying, standing, kneeling stand, to reverse such action is basically a fixed schedule, exercises must be practiced in sequence one after another, and the coach's language and tone of speech rate guide way is very unique. to practitioners in the coach's "language impetus" to the limit under the state of the body. After 90 minutes of exercise, the body can achieve a balanced state.

so I chose to practice hot yoga yoga studio have to know more about, so you of time and money to play a role in safeguarding health.



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