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Selection of protein powder

I 77882010-04-14 20:10:02 +0000 #1
protein powder, is to buy the kind of gym, can enhance muscle,

clerk said that any animal protein powder, and vegetable protein powder, also, what kind of milk protein powder,

do not know to buy it species, the kind of protein powder to buy

what is the name,
hu276039382010-04-14 20:20:20 +0000 #2
landlord Hello! I am a fitness enthusiast! I believe I can answer your questions!

Body movement can now be divided into two types: natural bodybuilding and fitness

natural bodybuilding drugs that all nutrients extracted directly from the food. Such as chicken, beef, fish, egg white, and other food,

drugs fitness is extracted from a variety of modern processing technology to extract protein powder protein powder nutrition

animal is from a variety of meat, milk, protein powder extracted. Basically, plant protein extract from soybean protein powder.

Natural Bodybuilding is the most healthy way, but the growth of muscles fit to the slower than drugs. But depends on human effort, our idol is natural bodybuilding before Arnold.

If the landlord has the economic condition of the ex champion can buy some excellent brands like powder

economic conditions do not eat well, you can see WPC80 on Taobao protein powder that is very cheap, but to remind the landlord online shopping please be careful to avoid being cheated!

Finally remind lord, this movement is fit to eat 3 hours 7 minutes practice, like out of a good muscle training, must be natural bodybuilding + Bodybuilding and persistent determination of drug combination.

However, if the landlord in the absence of exercise on protein powder and do not eat a lot of high protein food, that time is not absorbed by the body, will cause a major burden on the kidneys, but also a waste!

Hope the above answers landlord be satisfied!
Queena_Cheng2010-04-14 20:27:17 +0000 #3
collagen is nothing on the role of fitness, and fitness, then the best choice for all imports of whey protein, whey protein absorption rate, Tomson times of health is made in China, most people will eat health and fitness would certainly not do, protein less, the price is too high, you can go to Norway PF official website to see, 1KG full value for all imports of whey protein was more than 3 million, and sometimes there will be promotions. Norway PF is the fitness of people eat protein, quality and price are good, you can go to his official website to find out first.



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