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Gym God do so?

buymen2010-04-15 00:11:31 +0000 #1
At home doing dumbbell (with abdominal plates) + bar + treadmill effect, really no gym right?

Some say home is 1, in the gym is 5, this is not true?

a place like the Blue Bird, who coaches more than words can control to get through? If not, please do not do not love the private church who ignores ah
y198704162010-04-15 00:17:25 +0000 #2
such things are unique and individual!

I can only compare the merits of the gym and at home, but what good or bad depends on the evaluation of your own.

First: The allocation of time, the home gym time will be free; the gym is the way the doors of time + the time, so busy working, not out of a very long time do not fit the gym.

The second: In the gym atmosphere, the gym is training with everyone, while fitness can develop communication abilities, but inevitably because of delays in the training and time to chat, or some other gap between beginners because of psychological conflict resulting from; while practicing at home Although quiet, but a lack of fitness atmosphere, and the place is spacious and is also a problem.

Third: in the home fitness prone way the wrong way, blind and training, practice and training mistakes and even hurt the situation, while at the gym, there will always be so under the guidance of one or two good people to beginners.

Last but that is no matter where the training are to adhere to it, because the Great Wall was not built in a day.

PS: Also you said the question of fitness coach, fitness coach will generally more enthusiastic about the couple (because trust has the potential to buy private education) and private education if it does not buy the words of the old members. . . Can only see your communication ability, after all, private education still have to live.
Lucky Express2010-04-15 00:53:19 +0000 #3
at home workout so if you have good self-control to strictly bind themselves, then of course no problem dumbbell (with abdominal plates) + bar + treadmill can do a lot of these kind of actions it is basically the first gym for the general public it is social in nature attached to places in the gym exercise nothing more than express a tempered exposure to the atmosphere in which you want to participate without knowing the other can get to know all aspects of fitness and friends there and exercise enthusiasts together and timely exchange of personal fitness experience that health must be guaranteed that each exercise intensity and exercise frequency (once or a few days a week. several times a month) to ensure that the two words home gym training and training effect Baidu frequented the same fitness suggest you go see if it posts a lot of fitness knowledge to learn



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