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Small weight on the squat more than the number of problem! ! !

Cnqusg2010-04-15 05:11:53 +0000 #1
Squat over a small number of the specific amount of weight, how much? How much weight, the number of how many groups? Each number? I am 18 this year, because of genetic reasons fairly thick thighs and the mother's feeding method is a little off (my frame is small) is now a focus on! Height 185CM, weight 85KG, recently ran 30 minutes a day, I hope to make thin legs and thighs lose weight, but I still school basketball team, heard squat can practice jumping, Can you give me a plan in thin thighs (at least not the thigh to become more coarse) can also increase the strength! Thank you!

The other is I have practiced Tae Kwon Do, there is a certain power base (the thigh near the knee, thigh tightening force inside and outside of the top point will summon a muscle), please teach you skilled are 12! Thank you!
biejunlei82010-04-15 05:27:30 +0000 #2
practice very flexible, such as yoga to enhance your flexibility and coordination exercises. As you said, you have to play basketball and taekwondo, which are very intense exercise;



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