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Go to the gym to lose weight!

chuixi45652010-04-15 05:12:05 +0000 #1
I am 20 years old, Yi Miqi eight weight 105 kg. I want to go half a gym. Then please give me a perfect shrimp fitness plan, how to a big fat minus my main stomach, and then even into the muscle every day I can go two hours.

Thank you, the
seungim2010-04-15 05:21:54 +0000 #2
anything are planning before action, to lose weight is the same, before the reduction, we should first find out the purpose of weight loss: first, how fat you are? What you want to cut? To reduce the number?

Weight loss must be reduced in fat, not by weight, the two look the same, but may be quite different in operation, it must be emphasized that re-emphasize this issue: you have to cut the fat, excess fat be called fat.

How much fat do you have? How much more? To reduce the number? You know, the body fat is an important energy organization, if the fat is too small, your health can save her, so fat is not the less the better, but to maintain a reasonable level. Especially men, you do not wish to fat, do not want to become a reed wood stick, right?

Second, how much muscle you have? Your bone mineral quality? Your basal metabolism normal?

If it is to the health club to exercise, you can see there is no "body composition analyzer," buy a private education if the coach will be measured to you free of charge 1 bar, the data above, there will, of course, private education will give you more of other data, these are an important basis for formulation of health plans.

Recommended to buy a "physical master" to view the body composition fitness apparatus, two hours of private education costs, take-home test you can own it, and every day of their test, to see the body every day data changes.

Your big problem is the stomach, indicating that excessive accumulation of fat within the abdominal cavity, the subcutaneous fat accumulation and the general not the same. No matter how training, fat is not directly into muscle, burn off excess fat and muscle training can be at the same time, aerobic exercise helps burn fat, especially visceral fat burning effect faster, and muscles are mainly by anaerobic exercise.

no matter what kind of campaign to lose weight and build muscle more or less certainly help, but should be targeted, effective to be fast, it should be based on individual circumstances to formulate a targeted plan .
Little Jing Nana2010-04-15 06:00:08 +0000 #3
Do not make mechanical movement, can yoga with the treadmill. Select a club run regular point card can consult coaches. They will give you the best plan.
Readers Little P2010-04-15 05:28:40 +0000 #4
ah? Oh,,.

Day of Peace, eat less, but pay attention to nutrition.

More than jogging, do hula hoop, save money, time and place was not any limitations

so much fuel ah, I also lose weight, the, thin, really good to buy clothes, you'll be there to persuade themselves better.



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