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Consult a fitness up to people, how fitness can be the best exercise!

A5474157352010-04-15 05:12:11 +0000 #1
I am especially weak, how to say, such efforts on the ah, compared with peers significantly worse, even, and sent me 2-3 years of age, you can easily breaking the wrist in time than me, at home some of the slightly heavier and I always live. . How to say, very strenuous, and, my body can be easily touch the bones, ribs, ah, can be seen,

I,, very comfortable, Zhen Di,,

I am a student, can be used in fitness little time!

I hope to reach people can give me some food, ah, ah habits, and some fitness tips!

Can give me a way to solve the trouble!
sunyu10112010-04-15 05:19:09 +0000 #2
buy adjustable dumbbells on the 20KG

strength training program on-line: (intensity of light of their own to learn it)

1. Skipping warm-up for 10 minutes

2. Stretch stretch

3. Dumbbell exercise per week 7

4. (time) is barely able to complete the amount you! (the number of options under the weight of)

the first day of leg training days (high-intensity leg training is conducive to the secretion of hormones)

Dumbbell squat 10-15RM (times) x3 Group

dumbbell straight leg dead lift 10-15RM

dumbbells cut squatting 10-15RM

dumbbell training the next day the chest Chest 10-12RM (times) x3

dumbbell chest width 10 -12RM

dumbbell birds 10-12RM

the third day of training back, one arm dumbbell row: 8-12RM (times) x3

dumbbell squat dead lift: 8-10RM

dumbbell bent over row: 8-12RM

the fourth day of training days

sitting shoulder dumbbell elected 10-12RM (times) x3

Standing Dumbbell Lateral Raise 10-12RM

Vertical Dumbbell Row 10-12RM

the fifth day of two training days

alternate curl dumbbell seated 8-12RM (times) x3

dumbbell hammer curl 8-12RM

external rotation dumbbell curl 8-12RM

sixth day of the three training days

arm dumbbell neck flexion and extension arm 8-12RM (times) x3

dumbbell bent arm flexion and extension 8-12RM

narrow grip push-ups 10-15RM

the seventh day of abdominal training day sit-ups 15-20RM (times) x3

supine leg raise 15 - 20RM

twist sit-ups 12-15RM

2 from the 12-15RM

"RM" in English "repetition maximum" of the acronym is a translation of the meaning of "maximum repeat value." Such as "6

12RM" expressed that "up to repeat the 6 to 12 times the weight."

(These are only for reference, training should be adjusted according to their own conditions)
zxl38237492010-04-15 05:54:05 +0000 #3
before going to sleep to do sit-ups and push-ups each month, 20 the effect is obvious, but the two groups do have to adhere to



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