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I am a male. How the fat waist and abdomen and can be trained to reduce muscle ah?

Hsiao Hsuan A E2010-04-15 07:12:10 +0000 #1
I am a male, adhere to ten days to do sit-ups, and able to work out the abdominal muscles have a profile already, but there is a layer of abdominal fat, how to lose ah not a lot of normal activities, time to ask me how to quickly and effectively lose belly fat ah, we should pay attention to diet? What sports to be done? I would like to help quickly train the muscles to help develop a plan that I have a dumbbell and chest
horsening2010-04-15 07:27:52 +0000 #2
breast do you want to practice? I suggest that you do not rely on dumbbells to train chest muscle, the effect is not obvious, but quite good push-ups Well, both training chest, but also training the abdominal muscles, but also before going to sleep at night, or after the morning practice, rely on abdominal fat sit-ups to cut, the effect is not obvious, of course, to train the abdominal muscles, but abdominal fat above did not seem to lose Oh, but it can be done running lose lower abdomen fat can be effective for a week, If you want to lose weight, it must be with diet, to reduce by half the usual appetite, man Well we should a little of their own ruthless! Even when hungry should hang in there, or you can take a gradual approach to gradually adapt to their own food and please do not give herself more reason to eat! To think about their own body lose fat look after the good and increase self-confidence. The most important thing is to persist, we must hang in there, otherwise, lost by the wayside!

Fourth day, I lost 10 kg in a month! Run around the playground every afternoon 1,500 meters, appetite decreased to one-third of normal appetite, and weight to 170 pounds, to the high school, every night I go to the playground after school going to night classes run five laps, by the way when vent about their own oppressive learning, emotional, online before going to sleep to do 100 push-ups, 60 sit-ups, stick to the one semester, I reach the standard weight and become muscular, and now all the muscles in the chest into a muscle, who used to joke I have big breasts than girls to the cast envious eyes I was very proud ah, huh, huh

I gradually fell in love with the sport, there are days do not do push-ups, not running, on the whole body did not feel the spirit.

This is my real weight, but portrayal Oh, absolutely free dedicated to you, you have to cherish Oh -
pseudo LOLI about2010-04-15 07:21:28 +0000 #3
jogging by waist you do not know? Sit-up exercise to burn fat is the anaerobic or aerobic exercise have to take into

usually eat to eat what to drink drink in case you can insist on jogging 45 minutes

certainly not monotonous jogging I would like to urge varied pace is that you adjust according to your physical strength and your speed

can not walk no effect so long as the



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