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Female menstrual what sports can not be done?

hippo 123452010-04-15 10:10:59 +0000 #1
Can you take a walk
happy baby zcy2010-04-15 10:25:22 +0000 #2
Yes, but remember that these

10 female menstrual irregularities give


menstruation should be agitated to maintain a good mood as usual, to prevent the mood swings, failing to stop Do not be mad, emotional stability is extremely important. Such as agitation, depression and anger often lead to stagnation of qi and then the late period, dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, etc..


too tired to pay attention to a reasonable period of time arrangements for rest, avoid strenuous exercise and manual work, do work and rest. Fan-off period of labor force, can lead to menstruation or menorrhagia; the other hand over-easy, stagnant qi and blood, prone to cause dysmenorrhea embolism. 3, drinking tea

menstruation due more to drink boiled water, not drink tea. Because tea contains caffeine high, can stimulate the nerves and cardiovascular easily lead to dysmenorrhea, excessive menstruation or bleeding. While the tannin in tea and food in the intestinal iron-binding, precipitation will occur and affect iron absorption, causing anemia. In addition, menstrual better not drinking, smoking, eating food and strong irritant. 4, because of malnutrition

after the monthly menstrual blood loss of a certain amount, so necessary to appropriately increase nutrition, such as protein, vitamins and iron, calcium. Menstruation should eat more eggs, lean meat, fish, soy products and fresh vegetables, fruit. Not overeating, eating partial addicted, if eaten hot and spicy yang of the product can lead to early menstruation, menorrhagia, etc.; too cold food cold and cool water can cause dysmenorrhea, amenorrhea, vaginal discharge symptoms. 5, still sex life

menstruation sex life should be prohibited because of menstrual period, endometrial denudation, the uterine cavity with fresh wounds. If sexually active, it could drag into bacteria, cause genital inflammation, but also by the blood can increase or menstruation. 6, by the cold and cool

menstruation to keep warm and avoid cold, not rain, wading or swimming, do not sit in wet, shade and air conditioning, fans of the wind crossing. Do not use cold water bath, foot, so as not to cause menstrual disorders.


Some people likes hip bath hip bath, but in the menstrual period, because the cervical opening of the mouth, hip bath or bath is easy to make contaminated water into the uterine cavity, leading to genital inflammation. 8, wearing tight pants

If you wear stand crotch during the period of small, hip little tights, will the local capillary pressure, thus affecting the blood circulation, increase the perineum friction can easily lead to congestion and edema in the perineum, may even lead to genitourinary system infections and other diseases. 9, loudly humming

women in the menstrual respiratory mucosal hyperemia, vocal cords are also congestion, and even swelling. Loud singing or loud and vocal muscle fatigue.

10, X-rays

women of reproductive age in the period before, in Ovulation stage, this time for x-ray examination, eggs or fertilized eggs can be damaged, causing poor embryonic development, resulting in fetal abnormalities after birth, congenital deformities, mental retardation , and other physical defects.
Lindi Love2010-04-15 10:17:32 +0000 #3


is best not to move large
2851844282010-04-15 11:32:14 +0000 #4
Yes, that is more intense exercise can not do, such as running, sort of



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