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red_alarm2010-04-15 15:10:37 +0000 #1
because I have a fatty liver, high blood pressure also points, in addition to diet, I want to buy a treadmill workout at home (because my family all around the street intersection inconvenience run) mainly consumed more fat, you want functional simple to ask you to help you recommend the selection of treadmills, as well as the relatively good quality brand, is also cheaper than online shopping? Thank you
qiang2895465032010-04-15 15:21:35 +0000 #2
Hello, I sell Johnson treadmill,

buy a treadmill, then we must function in a single run (cost was high), Joe Hill is a good brand selection, and its global sales are in third place. the best prices in the global quality fitness equipment is the most reasonable.

choose a treadmill first thing you see, the

exterior is certainly very important, good things will definitely not look bad,

Running area size, the stability of steel

panel simple and easy to operate,

motors have to look at the number of motor horsepower and load (both data are interdependent). 1.5HP general continuous horsepower motor Load 113KG, 2HP is 148KG, 2.5HP is 170KG. (proportional)

some bad treadmill dealers will continue to use the peak horsepower is horsepower. you look at it and my load is not the same as that stated, if the difference 10KG or more so, certainly not good that the treadmill motor. or dealer in the use of peak horsepower 忽悠 you.

Well and good quality brand re-election to consider comfort, whether the shock. (no other good quality re- good is useless) the suspension would cost more.

do not recommend you buy online, online is not always cheaper to buy a mail-order charges you out there may be refurbished, not necessarily buy online service. (unless you know he was the store you go to read, or else do not buy the best)

In fact, Alley 8, Lane 7 is not like in the store to buy.

you buy a power to alter the gradient of the words, consumption of fat a little faster, (T931 about 3800) (General 跑跑) shock good and cost-effective OMEGA Ⅱ 7500 classic about these two models are regular exercise

every day is like, do not run out of breath.

general fitness for half an hour three times a week enough friends. start campaign not so long, can be divided into several sports. be appropriate, you can everyday health. family all together with the whole family healthy.

You can also go to our website to see the next, www . removed ". CN" is the head office site.
Zhengzhou O Reiter2010-04-15 15:27:10 +0000 #3
treadmill as long as the brand is now basically no problem, the key is how kind of after-sales services, opportunities often arise because the running minor problems, with a very good after-sales peace of mind, and we recommend that you take a look at Which the sale of local to do good, good brand reputation. It is noteworthy that do not plan to buy less expensive regional online, because home fitness brands are the regional agency that is responsible for their own regional sales and after-sale, if you buy online because of conflict of interest will change to after-sales very troublesome



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