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class life2010-04-15 20:10:45 +0000 #1
Fitness Coach said good job

not really you can learn the basis of this please

looking forward to the next coach to explain questions
Elite Dance2010-04-15 20:26:38 +0000 #2
Fitness coach of all learning together is not difficult to imagine all the key is that most people do not have in-depth understanding of fitness, just as ten years ago, the computer is known as the most mysterious of machines. Today's fitness coach, and also the same computer, you always felt a mysterious, dare not, do not you actually do not find an opportunity you mysterious?

As a person engaged in physical fitness training industry for many years a member of the fitness prospects know, in fact, master trainer is also a skill, a fitness guide all professional skills, certainly better than welders, fitters and other trades working together To ease the many. But the key to fitness instructors and coaches to learn the primary teaching and training capacity of our great relationship.

To learn first is to choose a professional health organization, I recommend to you in Beijing dance fashion fitness coach training organizations, dance fashion (Beijing) Fitness instructor training institutions - the most powerful trainers training institutions, With its leading-edge programs, music and dance fashion fitness coach has been training in the country occupies a pivotal position in the industry, thereby creating an elite gathering of fitness coaches, coaches and more realistic interaction between coaches, trainers benefit sharing platform, implement and promote the concept of the elite coaches to promote regional and national promotion of the grand plan.

In 2009 was named "Top Ten Beijing education and training institutions honest brand" title.

Course: aerobic Party (Exercise), pedal exercise, Latin, belly dance, jazz dance, yoga, Pilates, spinning, sports nutrition, sports injuries

Work Referral Program:

student enrollment for school tests, high-quality ensure that students achieve the level of fitness coaches substitute. Not learn rebuilt free of charge. The Institute has a complete set of placement operation of the system (training and post-training) to provide timely access to instructor pilot course phase of the collective review by the Institute, who recommended the work of outstanding results.

I hope you learn the results to the right choice
small against the dollar 1232010-04-15 20:51:42 +0000 #3
fitness coach can still work - but their quality depends on how you - you can try to get into the Asian sports bar - might be this -



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