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Distress, major right-small left chest muscle, to ask for help

Tupac19882010-04-17 15:12:04 +0000 #1
my left breast larger on the right obviously smaller. . Try to do one-handed push-ups, but one can be done, may be way wrong, feel difficult to maintain balance. Hope you help me try to introduce more point method, thank you -!
noodles 100S2010-04-17 15:23:21 +0000 #2
If you are still on the growth and development do not worry, because of uneven development are likely to occur when attention to rest and nutrition, basic balance can be long, so at least 外观

If you should have Chengnian Note that to find what the cause, and the normal use of the left side of the body as long as not all year round, not on the right can not be so
cfcsp2010-04-17 15:56:40 +0000 #3
more dumbbell bench press and re-elected with the barbell, you can gradually solve this problem! !



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