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I would like to consult the next 17 years to do what exercise can improve physical fitness to be a l

juedihaike2010-04-17 18:10:45 +0000 #1
I'm still learning. . . Please help me arrange some reasonable Thank
joe08222010-04-17 18:20:33 +0000 #2
junior high school students too young, not suitable for large weight of the weight-bearing exercise training should be the main hand.

The following are general exercise program.

1.30 to 40 minutes varied pace

2. A set of 20 push-ups every five group 3. A group of 30 sit-ups every 5 groups to 4. Squat a group of 50, each group 3 5. pull up a group of 10, each group

more than 5 start if it can not complete these actions can reduce the number and group number, do not exercise every day, not every day five movements are trained to, Tam need to ensure that every action at least twice a week.
Gg puppet2010-04-17 18:51:54 +0000 #3
First of all, a landlord told the bad news, physical fitness is no way out of practice, physical fitness is a natural. We can only try to exercise the day after the stimulation of their potential, in physical terms, the most talented important.

again for exercise, where you want to improve the quality? example, want to improve vertical jumping ability, then the simplest way is to climb the stairs, landlord living in the 5th floor, every day several times more than climbing the stairs should not be a nuisance. However, when climbing the stairs attention, knees bent, entirely on the strength of the lower leg to climb ankle rotation. that simple point is to climb straight legs. boys jumping on their ability to be still very important. The best way to arm dumbbell power, should not be disturbing, when the light points down, you can. dumbbells gameplay too much, like how to play how to play, but there is one thing, not a lot, and then complete rest. you an example, a group of 10, rest once again a group of 1 minute, rest 1 minute, then come back a group. Do not feel that they can do 20 to 20 in one go and then rest for half an hour. waist power can buy a fitness ball play by not excessive.

No matter how talented landlord, I believe that if it can adhere to exercise, physical fitness will be much higher than ordinary people. The most important thing is to persist.



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