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What conditions must be backward somersault?

A1053114416b2010-04-17 18:11:03 +0000 #1
I'm 14 140 pounds to be able to practice backflips What are the conditions ah? How many push-ups at least have to do?
wudiboytao2010-04-17 18:19:48 +0000 #2
I want to say is, if you really like and perseverance on the line, the main force is the waist, but also Spring, coordination!

You can practice inverted first to break the person's direction of thinking, reasoning often help you find the feeling when the flip! Conditions by you, you too fat, but the strength should be no problem, I am a teacher meter eighty, 200 kilos, still complete the straight backflip, and Gone with the Wind very high, no wonder this is because I encourage You must have faith, but do not be arrogant, conceited and self-confidence are two concepts! Well, do not say nonsense! I suggest you start now, conditions are ripe to buy sandbags, so quickly, no conditions, please do not buy! Practice leapfrog, jumping stairs, Spring practice, this is very important! Exercise intensity according to your physical endurance to measure to determine! Waist power is a key skill for all flip! Practice sit-ups, there are two on, is lying under the open arms on the top of the head on the body is to lie down Oh, and then stretched legs stretched legs, hands touch feet into the 'V' shape around, try it, very useful! Here are the steps to open range, is my answer to other people, too lazy to get changed over from a direct reference to the next bar! What does not understand the message!

First, you must first ensure the safety of children! Backflip most dangerous place is the first landing, the cervical spine and broke! The best professional guidance of a teacher!

Well, let me practice my backflip process!

First, you must first ensure that gave children practice jumping out of coordination, I propose first inverted, to break the thinking person's position, the most important step somersault skills --- Open Fan!

Second, the above conditions are met, the child can first put a knee-jerk practice, essentials: 1, time to jump up with arms and legs strength in the arm to the top band; 2 feet wide interval of punch, do not take off when the foot tamper with; 3 is the most important, when the jump to the highest point, the raised knee with the knee chest (sense of movement), do remember, do not look for knees with his chest, one forward, one backward, one to do on their own can feel them! (At this point, someone to protect, not call the child to turn over drop the)

Then, feel the child height, feeling almost time to start on to help him flip, flip to find strength! A hand grabbed his waist dress, the hand must not let go until he had finished, this is Paul the means to protect him, the right hand to send the children to help him force a bottom-up forces, but also a hand grabbed his thigh Ku Feng, the to the highest office in his turn, when a rotation help! (Preferably two people fight to prevent child flip ramp up straight!)
. Then, the child attention, said before practice Knee children jump, jump to the highest office in this put knee when the knee raised, will have an great strength later, by the strength of high pressure head turned backward hands holding his knees next pull, remember to mention the knee and leg hold turn is the first of these three actions simultaneously, and play to tie in to the good!

Finally, the children fall to the ground to protect the good fight to the first floor standing Do not worry, you can hand-foot floor is also helping to tummy time off, do not worry feet floor, down the sense of momentum not suited to his knees trembled injury! ! ! !

This practice slowly, and then beat him into the strength of feeling smaller and smaller, slowly reduce the power, and then looks for thick mats, however he tried to protect her own translation! Remember. Base jumping, warm up, warming-up after the completion of basic training should be maintained even if the practice!

This is my own little experience! I suggest a professional instructor! ! ! There are safety first! ! !

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little knowledge is a light2010-04-17 18:56:12 +0000 #3
need a strong waist power



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