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How to exercise the abdominal muscles

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perfect abdominal exercises in the main exercise

these actions, the lower abdomen.

Lying inclined bench, legs leave the bench area. Hands after the bend, grasp both sides of the bench. Knee, rate the higher the better. At the same time pulling up the buttocks and thighs, so leave the bench area. When the body love to curl, the pause and squeeze the abdominal muscles tight. Then slowly put down his legs. Do not touch the ground during foot.

Lying on the ground, his hands make a fist and placed next to the temple cephalad. Bent and your knees, feet flat on the ground still. Flexibility according to their muscles as much as possible to his knees pulled to the floor to both sides of the frog was bent posture.

With epigastric rising instead of pushing the body up the shoulder. Look up to the ceiling, the head should not move forward and try to keep the neck stable. Abdominal contraction to maintain the legs in the process of postural stability.

● The main exercise abdominal exercises.

● shoulder higher off the ground straight as possible, but the waist to be close to the ground.

● only need to bring the shoulder.

● Note that the upper body stable, the direction of the head not to the knee lift.

On the bench, both hands stool side, upper body micro backward, feet off the ground, keeping decumbent, thigh brought to the abdomen, upper and lower body into a V shape.

● Note that the body not to lean forward.

● Do not put your feet on the ground.

Hold the handle on either side of the forearm support body. After stabilizing the body to keep legs straight. Legs and body as possible until 90 degrees or carried to the highest position, pause and number two, then slowly lay down their legs. Spine must be close to the back, legs with abdominal drive upgrade, not a thigh muscle.

● The main training abdominal movements.

● front legs down to keep the same position, a few twice.

● Note that the upper body stable and not leaning forward.

Lying on the inclined bench, hands on the temple side. Lift upper body, legs bent, ankles closely with the fixed. The right elbow to left knee twist. Repeat the action when the left elbow to right knee and twist the upper body when carried to the highest position in the tightening of abdominal muscles should feel.

● The main training abdominal movements.

● bring the body, it will be elbow to the side of the knee twist.

● lower body to maintain stability, do not force your feet.

● Do not use both hands holding his head.

Hands holding both sides of the handle, the forearm support body. After stabilizing the body, keeping legs straight. Brought to the chest, left leg first, the knee 90 degrees. Then slowly his legs down, then brought his right foot, left foot turns done. Spine must be close to the back bench. Lead leg lift with the lower abdomen, and gadfly with a thigh muscle.

● This action can exercise can lower abdomen, strong ribs.

● When the foot raised above the top position, pause, and bend the abdominal muscles. This will help reduce the chance the body swing.

● If leveraging belt tied around her hands and bars, can be more firmly gripping the bars, to avoid falling.

● Note that the upper body stable and does not have to lean forward.

Lying on the inclined bench, his hands stretched to the direction of the knee. Using the abdominal muscles the upper body raised, maintained for 2-3 seconds, then lie down.

● abdominal exercise this action.

● bring the body, the attention to the lower back depends on the inclined plane, the direction of the head not to mention the knee.

Perfect abs secret

● Use paper exercise abdominal muscles abdominal movement, the foot should be fixed.

● Do not move fast on the fast fall.

● not much like doing, exercise the abdominal muscles is the key to "focus on quality not quantity."

● action over a lot of people do wrong when using the waist, shoulders or neck and other parts of the relative muscle. For example, your lower abdomen to practice, we should try to relax the muscles across the lower back.

● exercise training must be to the muscle force, and avoid using other muscles for power. For example, when we do mention leg movements to exercise the lower abdomen, it must first tighten the abdominal muscles, and then make use of the muscle lead legs raised. The upper abdominal training, the required use of abdominal muscles and pushing the body elevation
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