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Standing long jump when the back pain

liujieming19942010-04-18 07:10:08 +0000 #1
exercises like twist when standing long jump back pain, spinal pain, to be exact, and then usually when bending back the pain, what does it hurt ah, how can I do ah
mehhpx2010-04-18 07:18:05 +0000 #2
standing long jump of the main development effort is part of waist and legs.

If your spine pain, it is possible with the following circumstances:

1, preparatory activities do not open, resulting in the waist muscles strain or contusion. Sports 10 minutes after the symptoms subside, usually about three days of rest can be restored. But during the campaign can not do significantly. Can take cupping or rub lotion to treat, generally do not agree with plaster.

2, caused by improper exertion of soft tissue injury, you can hand to determine whether the two adjacent lumbar spinal ligament pain. Squeeze or press are obviously feeling. May take sauna, massage, lotion or other means to treat back pain rather generally do not agree with plaster. (From which the pain would exclude such injuries) usually can be resumed about a week. But during the campaign can not do significantly. 3, hard to hit the buffer is not enough pressure caused by spinal sprain or contusion, or waist bending force as long as there is obviously tingling feeling around the waist before and after the completion of the movement is difficult. This is the most difficult thing. Usually need to retreat, to reduce the waist movement, as soon as possible to the hospital for regular treatment.

General standing long jump will not cause the serious spinal injury, you need not be too nervous. If after three days, also pain down, or recommend you to the hospital for examination and treatment. Because the waist is the core of human motion, while the spine where the spinal cord is an important organ motion sensing control, not the effect!

I wish a speedy recovery! Good times stick!



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