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Pointing over who seek fitness coach

Sexyyy_BOY2010-04-18 08:11:49 +0000 #1
I am the network engineering undergraduate students, professional learning in general, is very keen on fitness, they soon graduated. Some want to become a fitness coach, did not know this line of development prospects? Should I give up what they have learned into the fitness professional career?
chensy66882010-04-18 08:18:13 +0000 #2
can be said that under your height, weight and other health Why?

By the way, the fitness business is not so easy, very tired, though now keen, but not necessarily will not regret later. And physical health is not a bright future, his request was very high, I think most coaches are practicing martial arts background, right?

I had originally wanted to play basketball, into the school team, but will delay learning. I am very keen basketball, so I and the teacher to discuss the issue of fish and bear's paw, Finally, to the future, choose to learn.

A political book as saying that they need to figure out what to collect good material, Xue Hui screening, to Recognizing that every choice has a corresponding responsibility and burden.



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