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There are no teachers to teach health club

Luo871148122010-04-18 08:12:01 +0000 #1
my body is not good, so doctors advised me to the gym, I also asked the health club last year is how much, this time I would like to ask if there are to a close a fee? Because I did not so much time to exercise, I just want to improve some of the body, health club who have taught such exercise will not hurt body, how can the largest and most effective exercise?
adelaguan2010-04-18 08:21:44 +0000 #2
want to train the muscles, it may require costly point of beginning, do not know your mind budget? If sufficient, I suggest looking for qualified teachers O.K. gym, and then looking for work personnel to help introduce you to senior professionals in the private coach, 上 short period of time in private education, as far as about 1,000 yuan to study hard, and explore the fitness of the routine and 基本 knowledge, if funded, then it can continue to spend money, please private education, then buy the necessary supplements, both fast fat burning, but also to build muscles you want. If you want to save some muscle if they train, they teach others on private time to look at to learn, his practice can be. And protein supplement, you can eat egg white and by beef, chicken breasts and so on, you can search with Protein Polymorphism has never seen food
radio_beacon2010-04-18 08:50:37 +0000 #3
If your body is not good, the gym can go, but to try less Xie, because of this thing, if overloaded, then it will counter by their injuries

suggest that you go to a place of some aerobic exercise, running running start, climbing mountain climbing, tennis, badminton and the like, and start improving physical fitness entertainment



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