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How a pectoral muscle during exercise obvious out?

Abc84323212010-04-18 08:12:07 +0000 #1
I am 20 years old, male, height 185, weight near 146, but it looks like it is quite thin I do not know why, I have a house next door to 182, weight 156, and I am as big, but he looked better than I would clear to fat lot of this will not be I have muscle problems, I obviously arm muscles and is very hard, strength also great. But my parents always said that my bone health important! What is the reason? I also want to ask, I also want to breast turn out to be prominent, and the muscles and the arm as hard, what measures can be done? I do not want to crash, I wish there any way to exercise within a year, an obvious chest out, no gym close to the people at home only a 15 kg weight of the dumbbells!

Thank you to help me provide some information to help me workout chest!
small mouth MM2010-04-18 08:26:33 +0000 #2
push-ups is the main training arm strength, it is recommended to do every day bench press and bench press the two movements, every period of time and then increase the weight to stimulate the pectoralis major. This is the most effective action believe me.

Essential nutrients: Eat more protein-rich foods and drinks the yogurt. Muscle 12-24 hours of recovery, not be too hasty. I hope you soon Nerishige "thick and large" the perfect breast.

Thank you
Trumpet debut2010-04-18 08:44:49 +0000 #3
the simplest push-ups, but also very effective, does not require any equipment and gym, as long as you can pick a day, several groups do not run out of power once, like the number gradually increased, By the way, evening the best time to fitness.

If you have a vice dumbbells, you can do sit-birds of a class action, works well

starting position supine on a bench, two-handed fist relative, holding dumbbells; arms stretching upward perpendicular to the ground, feet flat tread surface.

Separate action process on both sides of the whereabouts of the two hands, and bend elbows, until not less pm. Still a second, fully extended to pectoralis major, and then his arms up from both sides, round to the starting position.

Breathing method when the suction arms opened, back when the breath.



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