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Oak oak bar2010-04-18 10:10:03 +0000 #1
Thank you, I feel a sense of my music, expression, power is good, that is, how flexible the body is not good, physical coordination okay. The body has requirements? My arm, leg muscles are. And fracture of my right leg as a child too, more coarse than the left leg on impact aerobics exercises it? If I can learn, then the only school aerobics, do not study the cultural lesson. Hebei Normal University to learn aerobics courses possible? I ask you which school you?
daisy_11192010-04-18 10:15:17 +0000 #2
I want to ask is that you have not studied before aerobics, there is some basis or not, just because want to learn, they are only just beginning? Or too little before the school , practiced public and some basic auxiliary aerobics exercises? then you level?? the requirements of the body is not particularly high, medium body can Yeah, sure the line is too fat, too skinny is not keep up with the power of beauty . of course, shape the course of the day after tomorrow's practice is the only thing will change, so do not larger error can be. The thickness of your lower leg fracture had the same problems do not worry too much, this is no strict requirement. As long as you do not have the sequelae force coordination catch up on the line. body flexibility is necessary to be a lot of difficult moves, and you are now cross fork? strong fork? before the kick side kick kicked a high degree of after? and coordination not just improvise Well, athletics Most aerobics class for a change in an action film, but are asymmetrical action. and power is the power of all parts of the body, arms. waist, thigh strength are essential, because many jumping classes. support class action in this difficult are demanding. To tell the truth, because you can not personally see your level, so bad blind judge. I suggest you look at gymnastics, under which mimic the action to see what level he can do. This heart there is a bottom up. or to professional training institutions, and make it relevant test, listen to the teacher's guide would be better to point. a lot of aerobics training talented students is small, because the university recruit such talented students, is to represent large and small schools to participate in the national competitions for schools struggle honor, you would like, you wants to province and the country's elite than, you can not ask for much? As to the Hebei Normal University of fitness exercise Peixun Ban I not know much about, I was from Hubei, also in Hubei, the university, and I'm not such talented students, I was enrolled at the University of aerobics professionals. I know we Hubei China division in the country are well known Aerobics . And you can also find sports university, schools like the various types of specialty health matters need to. To tell the truth, for of your sophomore has been, even if you do not, on cultural studies, I think it has some difficulty, and after all people have practiced for many years was set. but each gift is different, so I can not jump to conclusions. So I suggest you first find out your level before making a decision. There is also able to participate in sports at the school entrance examination a good university. If this is a good physical condition can try, but not difficult.



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