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The classification of aerobic exercise

Jkiy1102010-04-18 12:10:08 +0000 #1
what type of aerobic exercise points?
oo53532010-04-18 12:21:16 +0000 #2
Definition of aerobic exercise and aerobic exercise program of aerobic exercise is to use the body

the large muscle groups, so long sustained rhythmic a sport mode, its function is enhanced circulatory function, and enhance systemic endurance, improve blood quality and quantity, reduce body fat, reduction of cardiovascular disease morbidity in order to promote physical and mental health, 提升 quality of life.

1, jogging, brisk walking, walking, older or leg injuries who were suitable for the latter two

2, swimming, water aerobics, suitable for all ages and whole body aerobic exercise the need for mature Yongji to stop the tour, but do not have to swim into the water, as long as the use of the water environment, stop the run, jump or walk slowly with hand, foot and dance music, some fast, it enables you to enjoy in the water aerobic happy time, to the effect of aerobic exercise

3, aerobics, in late 1960, Susan will Dr.Cooper by the beauty of aerobic exercise the basic movements of dance music with a strong performance out of rhythm, passion bold, ease of mind, although the sweat, is deeply loved by women

4, while as hiking and biking



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