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Gymnastics coach class time freedom? Customer gymnastics coach and private education that better? We

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gymnastics coach class work: part-time and full-time, part-time there is a another job, but working hours or part-time time to take classes, both free fitness, how to earn some extra money; full-time is to coach as a profession to do, there is a full-time field is divided into two kinds of fixed and running work, fixed is only a gym Li Dai classes, will contract with the gym, have a fixed base salary plus class fee generally in the 2,500-3,000 yuan / month; run field type in a different gym with different courses are full-time coaches will be selected to do all-around, then you can take yoga at the gym A, B gym with Latin, C gym with a pedal like that. On a day to two to three classes, then the monthly salary in Beijing is about Bajiu Qian. Responsibilities: In the gym with members of various types of exercise. Prospects: There is basically every city in the gym are short drills coach, just missing the coach type does not Yiyang, in the Wei Lai few years, the demand outstrips supply in the market will continue, yes, especially the broad development space.

Private teaching work: private education are fixed in a gym as a private education, opened the door to the gym a break from the gym the entire time period needs to stay inside the gym, time is not free; private teaching responsibilities may include: Private Education against the needs of members, one to one training by equipment and nutrition supplement to achieve the needs of members. A member in order to achieve some kind of general fitness purposes, to provide them with professional fitness plans and programs. Development prospects: development in China has just started and had not yet climate, home gym members will spend money to hire private Jiao Ti Sheng awareness about not up, at the current development situation, it needs at least three to five years of warm period.

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