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Prolonged lack of exercise to do at the computer is not using massage can replace a lot of exercise?

Dankejiang2010-04-18 13:10:59 +0000 #1
long lack of exercise to do at the computer is not using massage can replace a lot of exercise? Especially Beiyao massage is not possible to significantly reduce the low back diseases. Of course, the massage room refers to the general's head back massage, acupressure is not very professional. Or need a professional acupressure it?
qd8141372010-04-18 13:26:56 +0000 #2
Massage is no substitute - Sports -

massage is to reduce fatigue - reduced because of lack of exercise or excessive movement caused by injury -

in fact long-term friends in front of the computer I can give you a few a move - do 2 times a day - can be good - reducing the long-term face of the computer - a disease caused by lack of exercise - 8df72eeeae5edcf3b2fb95f9.html

One hand lateral neck flexion and extension. Hands and neck flexion and extension pressure. I give you this website there maybe has a movement to explain -

There is the daily pivot sooner or later - 30 times each with 30 Dunqi --- ---

so OK - the -
sancira2010-04-18 13:17:38 +0000 #3
Massage can not replace exercise, but it does help ease lower back soreness, and reduce the likelihood of disease.

If you only feel slightly lower back discomfort, should always get up and move about, do some simple stretching exercises to relax tension. Do the general's head just to help you Shujinhuoxue waist massage, relaxation of muscles. But this is always a passive exercise, it is your own initiative to do some small games better then. Does not require a professional acupressure.

Unless you lower back problem has become a long lasting chronic illness, it needs a professional massage, and the need for a certain frequency and time to do. Also need to consult a professional physician for your prescription and the recommendation Caixing.

It is better to take preventive measures, lots of up and walk around, doing the appropriate exercise, your chair should not be too high and too short, too hard or too soft, keep your posture correct. I believe that your back will remain in good condition.



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