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How fast do sit-ups, as well as how to run the faster running

Star children, such as2010-04-18 20:10:07 +0000 #1
not for fitness is to test,

now 43 sit-ups a minute or so, full marks is 50, how to do sit-ups help faster. TT

and running I am running about 800 meters run to 5 minutes or so, but the full score is 3 minutes and 24 seconds, so would like to know how the running time of the best elements of breath or other, now less than 3 months from the examination months, so the daily amount of exercise to control the number of left and right instead?

Thank you! ! Ji Qiu!
M Guan M_ small Xiangxi handsome2010-04-18 20:14:14 +0000 #2
is the test it?

Girls find it difficult to run a variety of 5 ah!

First of all, sit-ups can not rely on abdominal strength, must have skills, learn to use the hip, thigh, knee to break down the power. This up not tired. Ah

you should practice running 800 meters at 5 minutes, I do not know What say ye, but there is always a way. It depends on perseverance, and also strengthen the exercise below tells you what skills

three-step absorption, two-step call, try to run fast at the starting point when, after the half, everyone will appear Pole, who can not run faster, so this time, you must adhere to not go, do not stop, adhere to run, even slower than the walk, we must insist on running off the pole, almost able to sprint the (now probably 50 meters away from the end so).

In general the 800 meters is divided into four 200 m:

the first one: 60% -70% using physical strength to finish, because the first 200 meters are generally easy, but to pay attention to save energy, do not put one up are all physically exhausted!

Second: Hold on! Because you finish the 200 meters, the body will slowly come out the limit, you will feel tired, breathing difficulties, emotional and do not want to run another go, these are normal, we are the same. But often the second and third 200 meters on the final results particularly affected. In short, this stage must adhere, increase respiration, maintaining the speed of the first 200 meters into the third stage;

Third: the speed appropriate to slow down, but not too slow, so that their full rest in motion, relax, breath and a 200-meter sprint final preparations! Still have to increase the breathing.

Fourth: sprint stage, with the greatest force yourself to the finish line, this stage should have a positive attitude, do not let fatigue affect their bad mood, you have to do is cross the finish line! Because you are exhausted after the effort to finish the 200 meters, will be very hard to accept, does not matter, do not finish soon stopped, ran across the finishing line, running 100 meters in slowly relaxed about what the body slowly buffer, so that your body not particularly uncomfortable.

Landlord wish you good luck, ah, ah for examination in the past



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