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Under the training program helped me to develop it

Star S Cable2010-04-18 21:11:57 +0000 #1
I am a first year of high school students now study at the provincial focus is not particularly busy so I had practiced physical fitness and leg pressing a Tae Kwon Do is not a small school, we hope every day in my six now under the circumstances to develop training programs to help me add that I have more points, the best practice Nunchaku
xiuwenfeng1002010-04-18 21:17:35 +0000 #2
strongly recommend aerobic exercise. In addition to breakfast the morning wash outside, if there are more than half an hour, I suggest 10 to 20 minutes jogging, jogging process can take MP3 to listen to English, the two do not delay learning exercise, leg pressing the run before or after running as they like, but also can jump rope, not the number itself as well as to tired. Recommend fasting morning exercise is best, but time should not be too long, the best summer after sunrise, when the plants begin photosynthesis can also be carried out before sunset, as the evening this time of the highest oxygen content in air, the body good: less oxygen in the atmosphere in winter so you can workout in the indoor equipment, such as dumbbells, treadmills, Nunchaku or directly run the high leg lift.

Recess can be climbing stairs training, from classroom to classroom on the first floor and then climbed to the top floor of return (time enough for it), exercise to leg strength and muscle.

Lunch time to do some small range of movement, such as activities, waist, neck, fingers, or the simple act of practicing yoga to be able to exercise. Noon do not recommend playing badminton, basketball, like vigorous exercise, the stomach will bear.



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