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How short-term training in standing long jump

rhyme_C2010-04-18 23:10:42 +0000 #1
my girls, now jump to 1.85 or so, changes in the standard physical examination, and 1.95 of the full score. Immediately mock exams, and sports that I can not get out of the standing long jump, please you the best in the short term . That jump the stairs, I can not mind to overcome obstacles (as a fall), so do not jump killed 4 layers, 3 layers no effect, I ask you what a good idea, thank you
off Ye Siqiu 1012772010-04-18 23:24:58 +0000 #2
to you to provide a little bit of experience, compliance is not difficult.

Each exercise before jogging, the standard is the body sweating. Who feel all warm up (especially in winter), followed by stretching the leg ligament, activities waist. In the beginning down to business practice.

2 way you two choose a first step two is to leapfrog jump

that leapfrog example: jump, should use every effort, when the heart do not think about jumping long jump, must be to ensure a high degree, After the moment of landing from jumping the second time. A group of not less than eight (of course the ability to look at you now), when you jump in the leg ache, stop running with a full sprint, raise the legs as much as possible. If space and rest, tension leg ligament and thigh flap. A training jump of 4 to 6 groups on the rest,

have to relax the muscles after exercise, is to stretch and flap, to avoid excessive accumulation of lactic acid. (Training once every other day) adhere to a month, there is a qualitative leap, might be able to compliance. You can try.

And then continue training habits, or improving the physical play is good,

finally say: The Physical Quality of examination, you should not take too much notice, will be adopted. (Lie to you is a pig



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