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Pei off-nan2010-04-19 00:11:05 +0000 #1
Now good thick thighs, belly, and I was 21 years old ah. . Male. . Key Tuicu. . I ask. I do exercise. . Running? ? Or what. . Want specific answers. .

Note: (cause why) I think it is; Senior High School team, running every day. Almost two years running. . Hospitalized after the summer, hormone drugs. . Later at home. Nothing better to do, living like pigs. .

Please heroes. Specific answer. . How do sports, can leg out fine point. Stomach smaller. .
pxlfq19792010-04-19 00:19:03 +0000 #2
first determine muscle and more fat or more, if the metabolism of muscle and more muscle can become fat, muscle movement will gradually reduce the metabolism of a fat. If you can do more than fat, aerobic exercise, do light weight, multi-group number, the number of weight-bearing exercise more. such as squat, squatting, etc. scissors-lunge.
love to forget 19852010-04-19 00:58:50 +0000 #3
Actually Xiangshou leg, first check your leg muscles are relaxed or tense. If the muscles tense, then it's more difficult to thin. Therefore, the decrease of the first leg plan to play loose from the leg fat solid start. Method 1

normal to sit on the floor, to raise one foot at right angles to fist slap leg, do five minutes on each side. Method 2

When the holidays, the market may wish to use bath salts into the tub, soak for a period of time leg, you can muscle relaxation. After the bath should be slapped in the leg action, to accelerate blood circulation.

Step 2: Strengthening Cellulite

When tightening campaign began to loose down the leg (or born calf relaxation), the next round of work to lose weight is to enhance Cellulite tightening effect, income can be done to shape the daily movement .

Sports (1)

1. Feet from the front of in high platforms, foot pressure down as much as possible.

2. And then forced upward leg Hing Wah Street West, the whole person to improve. Repeat this action rhythmically and do 20-30 times as much as possible from Shi Jin Hing Wah Street West, under pressure, do a little pain is better. Can be a hand on the supports in order to maintain balance.

Sports (2)

1. Lying on the floor, straighten your legs and the body 90 degrees to form a long towel across the feet, hands stretch, toes Hing Wah Street West High.

2. Hands force the towel pressure, soles of the feet at the same time pressure, keep hands and feet straight.

Repeat this movement 40 times, will be able to tighten the calf, so the line is more slender.

Step 3: Finally sprint stovepipe things

entered the final stage, of course, to speed up the slimming effect, you may wish to buy some stovepipe cream, stovepipe products help hand, to stovepipe effect while more moisture, so that legs Yan light radiance it!


In addition to edema, massage, the proper eating habits can also create legs.

1. Vitamin E helps to remove edema

poor blood circulation, it is easy to cause swelling of the feet, containing vitamin E foods, can help accelerate the blood circulation, prevention of leg muscles relax, etc.. Foods rich in vitamin E include almonds, peanuts, wheat germ.

2. Vitamin B group vitamin B1 can speed up the metabolism of sugar into energy, and B2, you can speed up the metabolism of fat, eat more vitamin B-rich foods such as mushrooms, sesame seeds, tofu, peanuts, spinach.

3. Eat less salt and more salt, fluid retention often eat the food, easy to make in the accumulation of excessive moisture, the formation of edema, easy to accumulate in the leg. In addition to diet to reduce salt absorption, but also to eat more potassium in food, because potassium will help rid their bodies of excess salt, potassium foods, including tomatoes, bananas, potatoes, celery, etc..


1) Massage: 1> night to a little time out can be, half sitting on a chair, his right foot placed in the left knee. Stacked hold the right ankle with both hands, forced under pressure for 3 seconds. Followed by the same method to massage the ankle to the calf, and then for the left foot massage. (Massage and movement to create a beautiful calf) 2> soften fat: sitting, one leg through my eyes, chest, and the other leg sit cross-legged. Try to relax the body, using hand direction from the ankle to the knee, rubbing pressure massage

eliminate tension: both hands while kneading calf force, pushing from the bottom-up rub.

And elastic: with an empty palm shot shells, reduce fatigue and increase flexibility.

2) stretch legs: 1> for the chairs (and tables have rows and find a suitable height thing on the line), 70 cm distance around the edge of your hands stay in the chair, elbows do not bend. At the same time is to straighten the knee, and then do the heel up and down movement. The meat will feel the calf stretch, this action and the "standing meters away from the wall to keep one foot off the ground plane does not tilt the body to the wall this time with a hand on the wall was bulging calf muscles were stretched to the feeling of that piece, do not heel off the ground, "some different approaches, are stretch calf, and choose your favorite to do!

2> feet forward, hands feet office in the ground (If not reach land, they can put something in front of the stable), raised his left leg, the body weight down on the right foot with the (tilt toe), are ah stretch calf stretch. 3> feet high standing on ladders or other objects 20 cm above the edge (to stabilize the stuff Caixing!), Hand on the wall, so that left vacant after the heel. Slowly tiptoe Dianqi come stay at the highest point about, and then at the same rate will be the heel down until the lowest point. At least six uninterrupted time to do more, can be slightly closed to continue, skilled personal circumstances may increase the number of times after. (This is also very famous: the ladder stand half, cut half of the radish is its formulas) (on the stairs: tiptoe upstairs to thin legs, one on 2 sets to Alice PP)

4> feet together stand, hands in the feet and the ground, look up the left toe, right toe look up. Ah good stretch ---------

3) side, with elbows from the upper body; legs close together, legs, toes hard taut. Leg lift, jumping force limit (remember stretch toe), the other side of the legs intact; reduction, repeatedly 5 times. Change the direction of lateral, repetitive movements. (I personally think that is a stretch on a single effort, every time a long time, insist on a period of time can also be stovepipe's)

4) Sports ankle, easy to remove subcutaneous fat. Single-hand ankle, one hand holding the toes to rotate. Turn right 10, left 10 times, alternating. Often do this exercise, the activity is sensitive, while steps have mild pleasure. In the campaign will also feel the leg rr moving ah.

5) to hold the chair or Zhuojiao, for ankle extension exercise. More developed on the leg muscles tightening effect. After the muscles can generate against the prevention of subcutaneous fat. Repeatedly 10-20 times. Remember sure to stretch after exercise calf muscle.

6) feet together at the same time raise the heel 10, toe heels close together to separate the (action with the pigeon toed) also raised 10 feet, put one foot heel kick put away 10 times, for 10 feet. (It is shaping tutorial speaking, this is very thin legs, can not ignore the tension ah, or president of muscle mass of)

7), one leg when standing toe hook lifting force of 10, 10 do for legs . Sit down and legs stretched flat, hard hook toes 20 times. (Feet do not leave the ground, hard hook toe)

8) bombs away: walking with toes on floor, heel immediately filed for a touchdown to go the other toes. (Any sport at any time stretching)



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