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JJYYAYYJJYY2010-04-19 02:11:00 +0000 #1
I was 15 years old, height 162cm, weight 51kg, based on my situation please develop a fitness schedule. Because they do not know can not get good answers, only 50 minutes to write and adopt an additional 50 minutes after a good answer or even more, thank you.

Because this time the second year, year and a half after going in the exam, there are physical examinations, so to fitness.

I am a student, usually the time not many programs to consider.

I have a life without regular exercise, so more details are in development arm, the chest a little hill, a little ugly fat stomach, back, I do not know, I am a little more lower body fat (because always sit a), the Spring good bad leg. Feeling that the people look, "Tuicu small arms, waist hip a little fat, are in worse shape."

Also add that when the development schedule of work and rest time and attention to students I do not have any fitness equipment. Want everyone to help me develop a year and a half before it can effect the health plan, or exercise program. Thank you!

Question to add: add: I now can do 20 push-ups first, a 25 sit-ups.

ゞ DJ_ ﹏2010-04-19 02:19:52 +0000 #2
Hello, I am a fitness enthusiast. On with your question, I analyze the next.

You were 15 years old. Age appropriate movement of the weight of too much negative. Also Kua will get their own!

I'll give you the idea of holding schedule. the content is relatively simple, while others repeatedly boring. but if we continue, the effect is still there!! This is because of your age into account.

a chest muscle: push-ups 20 -25 a / group for each group of 3-4 to 2 Back: chin-liter straight hand (palm outward) arm into linear 8-12 / group each arm 3-4 Group 3: You can use the backhand chin-up to instead of dumbbells. (palm inward) 8-12 / group for each leg strength

# 3-4 Group who jumps high enough, strong elastic leg strength faster speed to 4 legs: running. squat until the time exhausted 3-4 group (other than on foot) 5 leg: The leapfrog. Mogao up exhausted every 3-4 Group

6 abdominal muscles: the simplest, most effective so far is the sit-ups every 3-4 Exhaustive group (every day, training)

recommended if time allowed, then the for the day! 4.5.6

leave one day, then 1 +6 2 +6 3 +6 each day for the 4 +5 +6 rest day

2-3 days and then continue to cycle.

can not use dumbbells, and other tools to avoid!!

If you do not know what. I can inside.
chaierliang2010-04-19 02:58:54 +0000 #3
I feel the students to jog, play basketball , badminton, doing the single and double pole on the line, of course, can not do too tired, not too intense. Running can choose to race, sprint alternately.



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