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JJYYAYYJJYY2010-04-19 02:11:06 +0000 #1
I was 15 years old, height 162cm, weight 51kg, based on my situation please develop a fitness schedule. Because they do not know can not get good answers, only 50 minutes to write and adopt an additional 50 minutes after a good answer or even more, thank you.

Because this time the second year, year and a half after going in the exam, there are physical examinations, so to fitness.

I am a student, usually the time not many programs to consider.

I have a life without regular exercise, so more details are in development arm, the chest a little hill, a little ugly fat stomach, back, I do not know, I am a little more lower body fat (because always sit a), the Spring good bad leg. Feeling that the people look, "Tuicu small arms, waist hip a little fat, are in worse shape."

Also add that when the development schedule of work and rest time and attention to students I do not have any fitness equipment. Want everyone to help me develop a year and a half before it can effect the health plan, or exercise program. Thank you!

cat eating tiger2010-04-19 02:17:21 +0000 #2
push-ups and sit-ups do not

do not pass standardized training system suitable for

1 month Xianpao suggest you step a little degree of strength and muscle lactate began to increase points of the system

otherwise hard to increase the training exercise by increasing muscle load to play an effective result is counter-productive
woody3087832010-04-19 02:53:21 +0000 #3
My advice is to mountain climbing. Mountain climbing is a whole body remote. Because you are more problems, fitness and time if the economy is a lot of you do not. Push-ups, rely on is to persist as long as you do one day you will succeed. There are certain nutrients to keep up.
The net hung wear2010-04-19 02:30:21 +0000 #4
your small, not fitness, not for fitness. Insist on running four days a week, about 5 km per 30 minutes, and then skipping 500. This used to perpetuate a lifetime benefit. Not only physical health, but also cultivate endurance,, perseverance, and perseverance. You certainly can not start that long, slow Come on, run over a number of every passing month.
Yuyuyu12352522010-04-19 02:26:37 +0000 #5
Asuka Oh2010-04-19 04:05:42 +0000 #6
Do not picky eaters, ate less, there is the innate Thin Man. Better health than anything else. Even exercise is to have perseverance



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