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A887807972010-04-19 03:11:15 +0000 #1
Recently heard of push-ups to train the muscles very well, so do yesterday to 5 groups of 20 or so (long, long time did not do),, done not feel pain after, but today's the day my abdominal muscles, or click laughter and pain will be; and my collarbone near the underarm areas hurt by what will be,, I ask why? I do too suddenly for the first time on? ? ? I also ask that Ge Jitian to carry on? (I do a year, please note the year to tell me (detailed))! !
ahuiHs2010-04-19 03:21:17 +0000 #2
painful to stop doing the exercises, to practice may strain a muscle. Pain, then rest a day or two before it. The pain you are normal friends. You do not sour, I would like to do should not acid. If you do a long time line, it may add group or add an under 30 under 20. Hei hei. Push-ups every day practice not very Kaopu ah. Muscles are resting. Do nothing more in return for fatigue. I practiced in the gym, this is the first day of practice two three, back and shoulders the next day, third day of the pectoral muscle. Coaches say, do not practice the same place every day.

You do not have equipment, then I suggest you practice push-ups a night, second night practice abdominal muscle. The third night rest, the fourth night is push-ups, the fifth night abdominal muscles. This continues. Will be able to rest up.

Also be closed for three days. The first day of push-ups, stomach the next day, the third day of push-ups, the fourth day of rest. My proposal is to let you easily, if you want to fatigue point, the speed in exchange for muscle, stick with it every day practicing.

But I think this effect is not obvious how. If you want speed, then it was bought on the dumbbell, then to the Internet to video tutorials and training. Dumbbell training standards to the action, not the standard, then you may be practiced is not the place to practice. Ha ha.
7481972552010-04-19 03:16:48 +0000 #3
This is normal, when you do not exercise after a period of time, such a sudden strength training, too much for the body, the muscles to be very sore the next day, a few days on the hook.

Push-ups should be done every day, day 5, groups of 20, when you meet this standard, you can each 25, 30,35,40, followed by an increase.

When your muscles are sore, you can do less, but it must be done.



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