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A bar with a grip on my wrist pain

695395249122010-04-19 05:12:04 +0000 #1
I am 140 kg, height 170. I do push-ups from 70 to 80 little things, the students stick grip 40kg, I am one with the powerful do not have access, then the use of wrist pain is not small arms on the force. Who can tell how I should practice, how best to tell that I should lose weight.
barefoot doctors 02010-04-19 05:18:27 +0000 #2
wrist injury, and more obvious history of trauma. Weak wrist after injury, the wrist joints not working. Minor injuries, generally no obvious swelling, less pain, a significant activity only in the beginning when there is pain in the wrist. Severe sprain, could be between the wrist swelling, pain and heavier, not events or activities wrist pain intensified. Inspection, will be forced wrist palmar flexion, dorsal pain, it indicates the dorsal carpal ligament and the wrist extensor tendon injuries; the other hand, was carpal ligament or flexor tendon injury in the wrist. If the force to the ulnar deviation of wrist, radial styloid process of the Department of pain, compared with the radial collateral ligament injuries; the other hand, was ulnar collateral ligament injury. Activities such as the wrist in all directions are pain and significant restriction activity, it indicates that ligaments, tendons and other complex injuries. Local tenderness or touch injured muscles tissue abnormality. Wrist injury to timely treatment, prevention scaphoid, lunate avascular necrosis.

Treatment: topical medicine bone powder, is the best choice. Oral has medicinal soup: Shujin collaterals, qi and blood.
Yxtl0062010-04-19 05:20:51 +0000 #3
less eating, more exercise, running, swimming on nice



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