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Playing badminton will make their own exercise the muscles? Will not be as thick as his arm is not a

Ghost2010-04-19 07:11:07 +0000 #1
I'm a girl, 14 years old, 1 m 68, weight 102 kg

Although I am only 14 years old and already have 1 meter 68, and it looks horrible! But not normal, I have a 1 meter 7, a few parents, why I will only grow to this level ah? And after two years from 12 years of age I am no one centimeter long ah! ! ? ? ? ? ? And my stomach began to grow even superfluous flesh, God!

I know, this is not my fault movement. Now I began to prepare the weather warms up, they and the students play badminton! But over and over again people say badminton may make their own exercise the arm muscles and also may not be as thick as ah! ! God, terrorist ah! ! Also, playing badminton long should we do? Should pay attention to what ah? Note position on what ah? ?

Come on, ah! !

Thank you ah! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! - ·
Little White Snake's dream2010-04-19 07:23:24 +0000 #2
you play for entertainment is not too concerned about the intensity of return of serve on the overhauled as long as it took so of course will not take regular exercise you like, ah, if you want to Badminton popular sport if it can grow muscles, why there are so many skinny man ah but if you play so long is bound to be catcher thickening trend of small arms that if you deliberately do not exercise the power of muscles not The young girl appears obvious muscle is very difficult to train well in the practicing of the maintenance so you need not have to worry about me playing tennis and is N years feels about arm strength is a difference in your weight loss a little badminton very good ---

hope to adopt -
tyj07162010-04-19 07:17:58 +0000 #3
Oh. Playing badminton can grow taller. Like me, my parents are not ruthless high. But I am 13 years old. Playing badminton for 2 years, height 170, weight only 90 Oh, I was a boy. , Oil. To it.



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