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Exercise muscles at home without equipment

whz1402010-04-19 08:11:39 +0000 #1
I am a junior high school, suffer from their own bad sport, although schools have a plan, but I determined to additional training. But I am not sure how to do specific child, so would like to learn from you ask.

Usually I only have until 10:30 pm after a little time to exercise, time, no later than 12:00. Preferably within one month will have the best effect. Also, I really have no exercise equipment

PS: Can I talk about ways to relax muscles
wlwolf5552010-04-19 08:26:47 +0000 #2
Your feelings I said I understood the activities of the time

you know you have to study up on good student - worked hard push NX 5

NX 5

more sit-ups are necessary to do the following site can choose to do their own bodies base

chin-up NX 5

squat NX 5

N to do a few considerations on behalf of each plus the fitness of your students to do even a beginner should adhere to only do 5 on behalf of Group 5

rest between each no more than 2 minutes to 3 days training one day off every 4 weeks may have small achievements can improve digestion To re-bar system point to N into a 30 + bar

muscle relaxation: acupressure

sustained natural oscillation or jitter, such as hands and feet

smear of natural active oils (such as safflower oil) hot water bath

right sleep training Method + of adequate nutrition + good rest + perseverance = strong physique

Reminder: Pay attention to your academic training and learning when a conflict you should be a learning-based knowledge is a long long time when the body does not advocate high-intensity training

================================================== ====================

If you are considering in order to cope with the fitness test and I am very disappointed to tell you drop the fitness is a life

an optimistic and positive attitude mentality is a lifetime thing ........
jianghonglip2010-04-19 08:53:48 +0000 #3



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