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What is an effective increase in gymnastics you

3163015312010-04-25 05:57:25 +0000 #1
to be effective, I am 17 years old before 165CM, boys, what a good increase in gymnastics who can provide the following, (a video presentation on the better), thank you
Those chasing shadows of Love2010-04-25 06:08:04 +0000 #2

Roustam increased. Akhmetov would like to be a great jumper. But he's tall and too blame, almost from the age of 14 are no longer increased to only 1.61 meters tall and 16 years of age. However, after some effort, Akhmetov actually make their own in just three years increased by 21 cm, and realized a dream of a good high jumpers. What is the panacea to have such strange effect? Actually very simple to say, do a daily increase of gymnastics. The gym is only 12 words sum up: warm up, walking, running, thrust, hanging, jumping.

1, warm-up: body integrity, and upper body forward, arms straight back above the wave force.

2, walk: a substantial swing arm, effectively moving forward.

3, run: first, small step to run, and hands on shoulders, arms and elbow forward rotation; and then quickly jumping and running around 25-50 meters. Repeat 4-6 times, take a break between each.

4, thrust: tiptoe heels, arms straight upward thrust, and then to the direction of thrust. Repeat 6-8 times, the middle and rest.

5, hanging: the horizontal bar on the drape (20 seconds to 1 minute), legs close together. Before the body left and right turn, then move forward, after the swing,

the last to do chin-up (girls can do this exercise both feet leave the ground). Every time 4-6 minutes, repeat 6-8 times for each movement. Another way is to keep the upper body upright, squat, then jump up the time to seize the bar, and using inertia to do pull down (bar height and the distance between the hands should be based on individual circumstances), repeat several times.

6, jump: jump up, fight for every jump higher than the last time, or trying to reach a specified height. Jump down, jump down from higher places, landing as far as possible flexion of the legs, and feet hard stomp, jump up again, all done 30-60 times.

Note: seriously good warm-up exercises to prevent injury. Step by step, can first select some exercises to complete after a period of time to practice. From the beginning we should pay attention to the number of good action in accordance with regulations. Can not be arbitrary. Each finished an exercise, to take a break, so that the smooth breathing, body fully relaxed. Done after a full set of exercise, lie flat on the floor, tighten the back and buttocks muscles, waist very slightly. Not less than 3 times per week for exercise, every 35-45 minutes to persevere, there must be good effect.

The experts believe that through this exercise, can promote the secretion of pituitary hormones in the long high even stronger. No doubt that sports is the best way higher.

The basic principles of human augmentation a person's height is determined by the length of bones, and bone length of the turn, epiphyseal (growth lines) of the cartilage cells are constantly breeding and growth decisions, general servant to a 17-20 years to stop the growth of epiphyseal plate. Increased limb surgery is based on the stimulation of tissue regeneration in certain biological stress principle, application of modern bone osteotomy, in the calf or thigh bone to the growth lines have been closed again, "open" and install a kind of stretch in vitro the role of limb lengthening device, according to each individual tissue regeneration capacity and characteristics of the daily rate will be 0.5-1 mm body slowly extended. Through the active functional exercise on the stress osteotomy beneficial stimulation, greater bone mineral cells and other cells continue to occur physically division and proliferation, Conger make of bone and skin, muscles, nerves, blood vessels and other organizations to increase the number and length, to achieve higher purposes, which approximate the body's normal growth and development.
Pitiaohui2010-04-25 06:27:07 +0000 #3
dinner an hour after the exercise should be appropriate not to do too much nor too little body full stretch every day before going to bed to ensure that good fresh milk to drink half a catty



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