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Is 155cm .. would like to increase to 162cm-165cm

closetohope2010-02-02 00:02:10 +0000 #1
this year's 17-year-old, weighing 49kg ...

is 155cm .. would like to increase to 162cm-165cm

I lead a life of accommodation, late at night 7:00-11:00 self-study

or what drugs really can do it, you can recommend! There are examples of the best! ! !

But it is good exercise!
Alexander Arahito2010-02-02 00:13:02 +0000 #2
The following increased the most appropriate solution you have used. The book "Healthy Sleep happy growth" major bookstores or Sina blog "healthy increase" or Baidu Space "Grand Arahito." Stature increased, not only to health, but also effective. The Research Center for the latest research results figure, easily tall, easy to use, does not affect the life and learning. Physical growth of the law, the younger the greater the chances of a long high, the proposed method of earlier increased use properly.
z41643622010-02-02 00:20:58 +0000 #3
<conducive to increased movement "

According to the Guangzhou Municipal Red Cross Hospital orthopedic LIANG Wei-guo, director of presentations, a person's height with their parents genetic

related, but not absolute. Research Practice has proved that during adolescence, through specialized training will grow any taller

increase the height of the human body. Liangzhu Ren told reporters in many sports, some will allow the body extension

the show, and some give bones to bring "vertical stimulation" of the increased movement of the most helpful. For example, when you play

basketball dunk action, in the horizontal bar on the suspension, when playing badminton smash ... ...

right there to help increase the movement

(1) Long Jump: standing long jump, or run-up can be. Tap jump take-off to be strong, in the air quite knee Show hips, arms on the extension, the full show body; fall when the forefoot pluggin, the knees buffer. According to their physical conditions may be done 7-10 times a day, in the middle of proper rest.

(2) from supine (Alice 2): the body lying on the carpet or a bed, forced abdomen at the same time, the legs, arms straight upward tilt, with bow legs Shen Jing hands as close as possible, each according to their own physical fitness Group do 8-12 times, 3-5 groups suitable, appropriate rest between the two groups.

(3) Pull back: sitting mat (bed), the legs protrusion, feet side by side, abdomen Hanxiong, trunk flexion as far as possible, bow, Shen Jing, arms-reach at the same time, touched the feet are好. Each do 8-12 times, 3-4 group is appropriate. Done Note that from slow to fast, action range from small to large, step by step to prevent ligament strain.

(4) Mogao: In-situ, or run-up (35 steps) take-off, knee, hip fully upright, vertical waist chest, his arms hanging on the stretch a hand to touch the objects in the air, the height of objects in order to try to be touch is appropriate. The left and right carried out five times for each group between the two groups break 2 minutes. According to their own situation, and so the body can be 3-5 group. Preferably in the open, flat, soft and hard practice on the site appropriately.

(5) Suspension: In the horizontal bar, or home-made family hanging on the bar every day and stay up late the morning and once before each practice. Methods: The hands are grip bars, feet off the ground, the body relax, waist, hips, legs to gently shake; hanging suspended, after 20-30 seconds, rest 30 seconds, do ,2-3 times before making a 2 second load overhang -- - Department of 5 kg ankle weights. Every once a break 1 minute.

These exercises, is aimed at knees, elbows, spine, cervical spine and other bones and joints to stimulate the pituitary gland to stimulate the function and the rapid growth of bone. Long-standing exercise, will receive good results. In addition, LIANG Wei-guo, director stressed the need to long singly, sleep and balanced nutrition is also important and must not favoritism.
丶lengthy obsession with the family2010-02-02 00:35:35 +0000 #4
The best way is to exercise regularly and eat more nutritious things, this will more effective and longer high, and perhaps the slow growth, after you're tall, and fuel,,,,



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