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Tuzki song broadcast gymnastics what

Cool Music Mew Mew2010-02-02 00:02:16 +0000 #1
I love that song ah and what is ah? (Good ......) thank the metamorphosis of my ah
Love Salmon Salmon 12010-02-02 00:16:23 +0000 #2
Curcuma inverted Bu Zhidao song what Buwo Curcuma Yu-lyrics

Tuzki the first set of radio Gymnastics

I wish those of us facing the uncertainty of the surface of inner beauty

face of the old

heart does not have vicissitudes;

seems talented actually Jianglang;

accomplishments depressed often difficult;

than the mule tired

than the chicken than the ant is busy starting As early as

than dogs to sleep late;

donkey doing more than the difference between eating Bibi Zhu;

than Yue Fei Zhong-Liang Lai intense than the old section to prepare young happy

II stretching exercise movement

No. three upper limb motor

IV left back to the lower limb movement 【】

V shift to the right back to the lower limb movement 【】

VI of head movement in section VII of the body movement


7th section of body movement LV2

VII, VIII, body movement jumping movement LV3

IX relax LV1

IX relax LV2

IX relax LV3 end of the



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