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Every day I have to make the following exercise, please help me what to do first in a row good?

qitai52010-02-02 01:01:28 +0000 #1
Rope skipping, grip strength, and anti-pull-up (fist heart inward, narrow distance), sit-ups. On these four samples, please help me in a row.
Super rogue 1232010-02-02 01:13:33 +0000 #2
When will the morning run, and then we can do pull-ups, rope skipping.

can be done at night when the grip strength, and sit-ups!
Stumbles have helped boost the sun2010-02-02 01:14:49 +0000 #3
the morning: skipping

PM: Anti-pull-up sit-ups

Reason: The principle is that exercise muscle fitness, increase strength, strong physique. So whatever we do must pay attention to efficiency, we all know that physical fitness a day can be seen as limited, time is also limited, how limited period of time to fully play physical, in order to achieve high efficiency fitness of purpose, that we In the study of muscle curves I need to consider things.

Well, if going to the subject, why do I recommend you to skip rope arranged in the morning, you know, after a night's rest, your brain and muscle relaxation in the morning is in a weak state, so if the morning do not activate your muscle and fitness, it is clear that you make full use of physical time will be reduced, which means you have to activate physical release as early as 1:00, you can within the limited time in one day do more exercise.

The rope skipping, is a function of the muscles to start movement, both the physical activation, you can also tighten the muscles and shape the body muscles. The spirit of the day fully prepared.

Arranged in the afternoon, chin-up and sit-ups the order of these two sets of movements, but also well-founded. Imagine, if you purchased the property just to meet the villas, cars, and necklaces, as well as bits and pieces of household items, how would you arrange to buy their own order, yes, started from the most expensive, as it can make your funds to reach your desired maximum efficiency. Similarly, when we arrange the order of fitness, they should also consider making arrangements for intensive physical exercise the most abundant in the physical time, because at that time, you complete the efficiency of these movements is the most fully the highest. On the contrary, if you like grip, squat on, like they spent a lot of physical movement of more than initially scheduled, then you to exercise a high physical exercise, they reach the best effect, and even counter-productive is not impossible.

The first talk so much. In addition, I am not a professional fitness coach, just a learning management students, is based on the principle of utility maximization of your fitness plan.

Do what its best.



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