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Urgent! ! How to weight-bearing squat, next Wednesday examinations啦!

Please continue this love2010-02-02 02:01:33 +0000 #1
, Such as title, 40 kilograms barbell ah -= =-

I am a small woman, how to complete. 20 pass, 60 full marks.

I squatted to get up啦.

Other sports results are okay, so I want to complete this examination.

Are there any way I can try to do more in the next Wednesday.

Also, I have at this time to practice on Wednesday, seems to strain a thigh muscle samples - -

depressed. Today is also hard for me to rub it a double tiger swelling Ning, did not know there is no effect.

Well-intentioned who can solve this problem, greatly appreciated.
SylvesterXiao2010-02-02 02:06:41 +0000 #2
first assessment of your laments about the project. For the girls, such a squat exercise is very unreasonable. Why? Because the more squat, thighs will be thicker. If you do not mind a pair of coarse, but stout legs, then work it, work method is to practice chanting, but the project is not shot, it is difficult to break through in the short term, even if your efforts, it may not get full marks or a pass And you do not hurt the thigh?

My advice is to make you give up this assessment project.



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