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Fitness in January of that is a pound not thin! How's going on ah! I have control of diet! Night did

JIANWEI5282010-02-02 02:02:05 +0000 #1
I 163, weight 66 kg! Generally, treadmill 50-1 minutes! Elliptical machine 45 minutes! Has recently been on the spinning! The average number of daily exercise for two hours! Yoga is not too! Up to two days off a week! Morning drink oat milk! Noon boiled vegetables! Ate tired of the light Hexi Fan! Hungry at night worried and eat tomatoes! Ensure that an egg a day! Added protein! I am sorry you had not divided! I also ask the coach! Coach also surprised! Up to now by the pound on the bar! Discouraged ah! Not talk about the first month of thin fast? I do not do not cut down to a plateau on the bar! In January of the! There are no major changes in body weight ah!
screw clockwork birds2010-02-02 02:04:56 +0000 #2
Time is one thing, efficiency is another matter.

What is your heart rate?

There is efficient movement of less than 30 minutes a day onset.

For example, I do elliptical machines, target heart rate is generally at 165, for 30 minutes. Do not know how much you are running heart rate?

Some people are very slow very slow running, personal point of view ... useless.

Why? You are jogging, and the body adapted to the heat utilization increased. Originally 2L of fuel consumption, excel at fuel-efficient vehicles into 1.5L of ...

In addition, you drink much more. To maintain the body's hydration status is a key factor in weight loss. There are enough fiber and vitamins are a necessary condition for weight loss.
331,387,1252010-02-02 02:46:11 +0000 #3

Ate L-carnitine is a combination of aerobic exercise to lose weight.

It's not just by looking to see fat.

It is mainly there could be reduction in visceral fat accumulation around the excess.

If you want to exercise to lose weight, then the appropriate amount of exercise every day with some insist. Certainly effective.

If you want to diet to lose weight words.

I suggest you to refer to diet recipes.
Liao Purple Maek2010-02-02 02:52:00 +0000 #4
constitution not the same as each person may not meet the bar, it is recommended to find professional dietitians to develop weight-loss meal for you.



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