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How to train the muscles ah? ?

sylzmb2010-02-02 03:01:16 +0000 #1
I am very thin, 14-year-old, 173cm only 105 pounds, measuring over bone age, saying it was earlier the age of three, did not know I look thin and this is a relationship, but I'm still relatively large strength and muscle, but very little hard and sports have been very good, a variety of projects results are good, especially the long-distance running and football, probably more than six months training muscles, and are using dumbbells and doing push-ups, it now appears that some effects, not all bones, but still leaves effect is not obvious, and I still thin compared to other students too much, with a total feeling of muscle grown very slowly, and often feel too tired to exercise do not go, I often Lianwan up on the up, and over the next day What sense does not, sometimes to the 22:11 point when the excited exercise, feel better results the next day would have some pain. Do not know what could be a little faster muscle length method? ? ?
Dream Adventures of more than priority Sri Lanka2010-02-02 03:08:13 +0000 #2
Chest Muscle Exercise:

body supine stools, two hand barbells, grip shoulder width or slightly wider in the shoulder. Bars placed over the nipple (ie, near the neck position), and then the contraction of pectoralis major, will push the bar until the arms fully extended vertically. Pectoralis major muscle to tighten significantly, pause, and then the power of pectoralis major muscle will slowly release the bar to its original position, relax pectoralis major. Then redo. When pushed barbell inhale, the whereabouts of breath.

Barbell push from time to time, shall be by a sudden contraction of the pectoralis major explosive. Thorax should straighten your back to leave the bench face, hips and shoulders and back, but not allowed to leave the Department of stool surface. Can not quite stomach (hips away from the stool) and magnify its own method to push the barbell effect. Such leveraging law, only the last one twice each group can be used only when exhausted.

Waist and abdomen muscles:

body supine, bending over to sit at the same time move the legs, upper body and legs at the same time folded, two-handed touch toes, the upper body and legs at the same time the whereabouts of. Close up when the suction, the whereabouts of breath, mind focused on the rectus abdominis. Action may be slightly faster.

Arm muscles:

sitting, upper body slightly forward, one palm facing up holding dumbbells naturally hang down on the legs, the holders of bell-arm leaning against the ipsilateral thigh, on the other hand press on the other side of thigh. Bent the dumbbell curl Zhijian ago, an extremely taut biceps, wrist toward the thumb to reverse direction, pause, and then in order to control the dumbbell biceps, slowly drop to between his legs. In the dumbbell curl, and drop when the bell arm is always held close to the ipsilateral thigh, bent when the suction, when the breath down.

Exercise when the ideas should focus on the biceps. Arm holding the fate of Ling, the arm must be fully extended until the biceps to fully extend before making its next move

Perfect Fitness Plan
yzh13041302010-02-02 03:23:31 +0000 #3
I practice fitness two years. To tell you how to train.

Want to aerobic exercise training plus equipment. Running about 20 minutes before as a warm-up at home with running machine can run, if not you can go downstairs running. Then do the training apparatus, the family can buy a dumbbell, a dumbbell basically had enough, if economic conditions allowed to buy some matching fitness equipment.

Equipment strength training exercises to be circular, chest shoulders and back legs, like a daily practice. This, after each muscle Lianwan can get rest and not be afraid of sore, aching muscles is broken down in the flesh. 3 pm practice, 7 pm to eat, to eat is also important to eat beef, eggs and milk there. Best practice to the gym, where multiple devices, each muscle has to practice many types of devices, such as flat bench press chest there, chest forward, chest under the seam along the chest. Say the bar. Tired of so many big words. This is my two-year fitness instructor with the school, the summary is the essence marks to me, He He
Meet the peak2010-02-02 04:14:56 +0000 #4
asagao if Xi2010-02-02 04:07:04 +0000 #5
what do sit-ups push-ups, there are some people thin natural, personal physical problems, not demand it? The most crucial is to do more exercise, but not too excessive



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