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Gym excessive thigh pain

abey02010-02-02 05:01:09 +0000 #1
four days in the gym too, syncope caused by hypoxia. After the thigh pain. The first day of the thigh virtual soft, weak action, and a slight pain. But we thought that did not like how the next break care. Did not expect the past few days the pain every day, now action inconveniences. Pain when sleeping will wake up several times. Thigh muscle Ying Ying, and looks like edema. When walking with bent knees in particular, would be more pain when you squat down or get up the support needed help, but also pain.

Now on the fourth day, and I also occasionally press by legs, rubbing the point of rolling oil, but no results.

Ji Qiu a solution! There is this strain will cause a very serious results?
Meteor of War2010-02-02 05:07:46 +0000 #2
then you have a good rest finished

sports bar for some time, if excessive, will lead to many problems

depends on what do you do when sports injuries?

But the best way to still go to the hospital, do not own to press the but in any case, within the past month do not propose to exercise.

Added: Typical excessive movement, you can only have a good rest for some time, usually as little as possible with the legs, because you are not a warm-up before exercise and another for the girls in this action is a bit overdone. There are just because you've never done.

Squat was obvious that the thigh and knee will be damaged, and very responsible to tell you, your actions are not necessarily right, otherwise it is not right knee cause problems, but the symptoms may be the most important for you is your caused by knee problems, remember that if the do squat, squatting over the course of the knee will not tiptoe, you can have something heel pad to maintain body balance, and you before this action is to exercise the thigh beam, the weight of demand is large and the number of is low, you are a bit too much of this, and 100 is completely unnecessary.

Equipment Training suggestion, it was the guiding

With regard to your body, I suggest that you rest for 10 days, if still not improve, and still go to the hospital bar. Personal feeling does not produce any serious consequences, Fortunately, the weight is not large.

Another: If you feel a little bit less, you can take a little activity down to help recovery, but remember you do not completely returned to pre-high-intensity leg exercise!
875,506,7812010-02-02 05:37:51 +0000 #3
go to the hospital
Flying justice2010-02-02 05:58:14 +0000 #4
young people are not what the elderly can have serious consequences?

Break a few days on the healing of the
oo53532010-02-02 05:56:34 +0000 #5
syncope is caused by movement suffocating, thigh pain caused by the errors of sports posture, it is recommended to go first to learn how to correctly exercise coaching methods and breathing patterns to practice.
Brave Coyote2010-02-02 05:35:03 +0000 #6
is there are two problems, the first one is that you after going through the exercise movement, muscle will be painful and hurts a few days, if you do not sport a long time, the first movement, a large number of sports severe pain in muscles after 3-6 days or longer 1:00.

You have described is that there was no pain, and later the first day of limp, the next day began to pain, this is how the above, is normal. If it is ligament injury, when it will feel pain.

You can use hot towels, hot pack, will ease the pain, or go to pharmacies to buy a little Fenbid cream rub, is will ease the pain.

The second ligament if it is, then it should stop exercising, wiping rolling oil, cream paste and so on. Raise a period of time is like a



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